Holly Madison Talks About Nursing Rainbow Aurora & Other Celeb Moms Talk About Breastfeeding

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Holly Madison Talks About Nursing Rainbow Aurora & Other Celeb Moms Talk About Breastfeeding

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Holly Madison

Holly Madison only gave birth to daughter Rainbow Aurora two weeks ago, but she's already out and about - and looking fabulous! The reality star walked the red carpet at Cirque Du Soleil's World Water Day on March 22 in a blue dress belted around her midsection.

Seriously, she had a child? We almost don't believe it.

The former girlfriend of Playboy chief Hugh Hefner later dished to People about the biggest challenge of being a first-time mom.

"Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge," she said, adding that she took classes but it still didn't prepare her for actually doing it.

"I'm surprised at how much work it is and how much you're on call. I'm happy to do it since it's healthy for my baby," she continued.

We're sure every mom will agree with you, Holly! Breastfeeding is never easy, even if you're a celebrity with tons of resources at your disposal. Need proof? Check out what these other celeb moms have to say about breastfeeding.


Snooki first expressed her doubts about breastfeeding while she was pregnant with baby Lorenzo. Ultimately, she decided to breastfeed - and it helped her drop some of the 42 lbs. she lost post-baby.

"The first 20 [pounds] came [off] from just breastfeeding, so that was awesome," she said of her recent body makeover. "But then I had to wait until I could work out, which was six weeks, and then I just went straight to the gym."

The result? Jionni is a happy and healthy, according to Snooks.

Mayim Bialik

"Big Bang Theory" star Mayim Bialik ignited some controversy a couple of years ago when she wrote about breastfeeding her toddler son, Fred. Some parents criticized the mother for her views on attachment parenting, but that never stopped her from breastfeeding until he decided it was time to stop.

And when did that happen? The 4-year-old just weaned off Bialik's breast milk over the Thanksgiving 2012 holiday.

"We did it," she wrote on her blog, Kveller. "Fred isn't going to nurse on his way down the wedding aisle or at his high school graduation. I didn't need to break him of a 'habit' and teach him 'who's in charge.'"

The actress added that it was difficult to breastfeed both of her boys, but she did it because her milk provides "the best nutrition, nurturing and bonding ever."


Beyonce is another celeb mother criticized for her breastfeeding habits, but not because she did it for too long. The mother of Blue Ivy - who was spotted breastfeeding in public in 2012 - only breastfed for 10 weeks.

"I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it; It's just so good for the baby and good for yourself," she told People last year.

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