Helen Hunt Celebrates 'The Sessions' on Red Carpet: A Look at Her Best Movie Roles

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Helen Hunt Celebrates 'The Sessions' on Red Carpet: A Look at Her Best Movie Roles

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Helen Hunt is hitting the red carpet again and fans couldn't be more excited!

Helen Hunt is back on the red carpet, and she looks amazing as she celebrates her big return. The "Mad About You" star is making her return to the big screen this fall in "The Sessions." The talented actress plays a sex surrogate in the unique film, and she has already earned a little Oscar buzz for the role. "The material created a vulnerability," she said earlier this year. "I personally felt extremely vulnerable. My jaw dropped at the prospect. When I was about to take my clothes off, my palms started to sweat." Could this role end up being one of the best of the actress's stellar career? Here is a look at Helen's best movie roles to date.

Carol - "As Good as it Gets"

Helen was already an award winner thanks to her sitcom stardom, but she reached a whole new level in this romantic comedy. She earned a Best Actress Oscar for her role as a struggling waitress opposite Jack Nicholson in the 1997 hit. Helen's character has a tough-as-nails personality despite having to deal with a sick son, several financial issues, and the unpleasant attitude of Jack's character. The two had great chemistry, and that helped Helen nail the best performance of her career.

Jo - "Twister"

There was no Oscar talk for her performance in this movie, but it was still a fun role. Helen stars as a storm chaser in this 1996 summer popcorn movie. The real star is the special effects, but the actress did a great job of bringing a little humanity to her character. The drive we see behind Jo's quest for tornado safety is a credit to Helen's performance. Thanks to countless TV airings, this role will always live on as part of Helen's legacy.

Kelly - "Cast Away"

The bulk of this 2000 drama focuses on Tom Hanks stranded on a desert island, but that doesn't mean that Helen doesn't deserve praise. As the love interest of Tom's character, she delivers a powerful performance despite the limited screen time. Of course, her most notable moment in the movie comes when she shares an emotional kiss with Tom during their brief reunion. The rain-soaked moment earned a Best Kiss nomination at the MTV Movie Awards.

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