Heidi and Seal Reveal the Secret to Marital Success...With Halloween Costumes?

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Heidi and Seal have wear some of the best Halloween costume in Hollywood.

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Heidi and Seal have wear some of the best Halloween costume in Hollywood.

Heidi Klum and singer Seal are one of Hollywood's most beloved couples. One of the things that people like about these two is their incomparable ability to enjoy life and one another. This is evident during Halloween especially, when the two sport their wildest costumes. Married in May 2005, these two love getting into the Halloween spirit and have a penchant for tapping into their whimsical sides-- often outdoing other celebrity couples on Halloween. If you observe carefully, you can tell a lot about the state of their union simply by observing the costumes they choose to wear each year.

Vampire and Cop (2005)

In 2005, the two went for more traditional Halloween costumes. Calling her costume "Draculette", Heidi donned a big curly black wig, vinyl spiked boots, and ghoulish makeup. Her hunky hubby kept it simple in a conventional policeman's uniform. You can tell that they enjoy this festive holiday. But their traditional costumes indicate that they were probably still getting to know each other on some level.

The Garden of Eden's Eve and the Indelible Serpent & Fruit (2006)

The two put a bit more thought into their Halloween costumes for 2006. Delving into Biblical times, Seal dressed up in a long blond Rapunzel-like wig and a brown body suit with fake foliage covering his naughty bits; Heidi chose to paint her face green and donned a great big apple with a stuffed serpent wrapped around it. With a year of marriage under their belts, the couple obviously felt comfortable taking more of a risk with their Halloween costumes.

Helllllloooo... Sexy Kitty (2007)

At a party at the Green Door in Hollywood, Heidi found her feline side, sporting devilish eyes and fangs, and a skin-tight two-toned bodysuit, complete with ears and tail. This year, Heidi was photographed without her famous hubby—going it alone on the creepy red carpet as a slinky, albeit evil-looking kitty. Trouble in paradise? Experts might say just the opposite. No longer feeling the need to be joined at the hip can also be a sign of security in a relationship.

Heidi Klum as Kali (2008)

Heidi dressed as the big blue goddess Kali complete with multiple arms, severed parts, and shrunken heads. This caused quite a stir with the Indian community. But some might say that the exaggerated Halloween costume represents Heidi's daring personality. Seal did his part showing up as a colorful, yet fierce looking Indian warrior. Their dedication to this over-the-top costume represents their ability to think outside the box—crucial for keeping a marriage fresh.

The Black Crows (2009)

In 2009 the sexy pair was swathed in black feathers and face paint. What was their costume? A pair of black crows. No not those musical Black Crows—but rather the variety you might find flapping around in the air. This particular Halloween costume took considerable effort to pull off; and the results were stunning. Their matching ensembles symbolize their dedication to one another--and the fact that as the years progress they feel more and more like one unit.

Honorable Mention: Thanksgiving Costumes?

Yes, the spirited duo even likes to dress up at other times of the year. During the Thanksgiving holidays in 2007, Heidi and Seal were snapped wearing festive face paint during a promotion for Volkswagen.

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