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Anastasia Soare shapes Heidi Klum's eyebrows --

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Anastasia Soare shapes Heidi Klum's eyebrows --

Want to look younger? Appear less stressed? Believe it or not - a good eyebrow shaping can do wonders for your beauty inside and out. "Brows are the blueprint for balanced and proportioned features; they can bring every feature into harmony and enhance our looks. They can also give you an instant eyelift. Every celebrity knows that great brows signal sophistication, you wouldn't be able to achieve a red carpet look without well shaped brows," reveals Hollywood's eyebrow guru, Anastasia Soare.

Heidi Klum, Michelle Williams, Megan Fox and Debra Messing were just a few of the A-listers who had Anastasia groom their eyebrows for Sunday's Golden Globes.

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Celebs know that the right shape can help lessen imperfections and boost confidence on and off the red carpet. Anastasia shares with Healthy Hollywood a few common beauty flaws (that affect even seemingly perfect celebrities) and how to correct them. "For a wider nose bridge: Keep your brows closer to the bridge (less space between brows) this will narrow the gap visually, which slims the nose bridge," reveals Anastasia, who also shares, "For a full face: Keep a full arch that is longer on the ends, the thicker arch will create a diamond shape face, which slims the overall appearance and brings out the cheekbones."

Just like fashion, eyebrows can be shaped or styled to compliment different moods or occasions.

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Feeling Glam?

Think Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox! "A glam brow is synonymous with a high arch," states Anastasia, who suggests, "Brows should be trimmed and always maintained with a clear brow gel. The goal here is to keep your arches high, but make sure that the arch doesn't line up above your iris. It has to be to the right (past the iris)."

In A Casual State Of Mind?

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Jennifer Connelly has the perfect set of thicker brows. Try not to over trim brows - this will allow you to do both a thicker and glam brow look. Experiment with a brow powder and a tinted brow gel on top to create the illusion of heavier brow. "I love this trick for creating the appearance of a thicker brow," reveals Anastasia.

To learn how to shape your eyebrows and check out various brow products, head over to

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