Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin' Monday - Be Inspired To Workout Like A Celeb!

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Sarah Jessica Parker attends the photocall for 'I Don't Know How She Does It' at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2011 in London -- WireImage

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Sarah Jessica Parker attends the photocall for 'I Don't Know How She Does It' at Soho Hotel on September …

Need motivation to shed that extra weight and get into a workout routine? Look no further than the recently launched Equinox Q Blog - a destination serving up all things fitness & celebrity.

Healthy Hollywood recently stumbled onto the sports club's site and couldn't stop clicking. I know - I know - another lifestyle site - big yawn! But, this sleek blog is as sexy, as it is informative. Think Fitness mag meets Vogue.

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"It's the aesthetics and the blend of thoughtful fitness, wellness, and lifestyle content that really makes it unique," reveals Q editor, Jasmine Moir. "Most fitness sites are really just about working out and tend to go for the quick-fix (i.e. '6 Ab Workouts'), but we feel that fitness is just one part of living an extraordinary, balanced life."

Plus, Equinox's Q blog has its pulse on celebrity - Sarah Jessica Parker reveals the moment she feels most at home is "giving my kids a bath at night because it's our schedule we created, and they're all mine for that time." Jennifer Lopez shares her workout playlist - "The Pleasure Principle" by Janet Jackson and The Jackson's "Working Day and Night" are two of her faves. While, Lauren Bush reveals why her go-to workouts are ballet-based - she's big on getting a one-two shot of cardio and strength training.

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"We always want to find out what the celeb did to workout that week, what totally relaxes them, who inspires them, what their all-time favorite vacation was, what's the best insider tip they've ever gotten from a trainer/nutritionist...that sort of thing," adds Moir.

The Q blog also has items on nutrition, lifestyle, fashion, wellness, and eye-candy workout videos featuring hot shirtless guys. NICE!

Enough said by Healthy Hollywood on Equinox's Q blog - editor Jasmine shares 5 reasons to log on now!

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1. To find out what Sean Combs has on his bedside table (it's not what you'd think!) 2. To learn Sarah Jessica Parker's guilty pleasure. 3. It's modern, clean, and uncluttered. 4. They'll always learn something new or surprising. 5. To learn how to give the perfect massage (a very important skill!)

Check it out for yourself at

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