Harry Styles Slams Taylor Swift: Other Celebs Diss Their Exes

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Harry Styles Slams Taylor Swift: Other Celebs Diss Their Exes

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Harry Styles slams Taylor Swift

Harry Styles isn't waiting around to respond to the nasty breakup song that Taylor Swift will surely write about him -- he's already slamming his ex.

Hazza allegedly labels T-Swizzle a huge "pain in the a**" in One Direction's upcoming documentary movie "This is Us," and he hinted that he doesn't see her as girlfriend material by saying, "I haven't met a girl yet who I'd want to even think of getting serious with."

During a recent concert, he also said his ex-girlfriend's name in a sarcastic tone after singing the line "I'm in love with you" from the song "Little Things." Since 1D has a tune titled "Little Things," Taylor shouldn't have any trouble poking fun at her ex in a future breakup ballad. But to be fair, Taylor did kind of start this whole silly spat by mocking Harry's British accent during her performance at the Grammy Awards.

These crazy kids aren't the only celebrities that have made their breakup battles very public. Here's a look at a few other stars who recently dissed their exes:

Selena Gomez

Last month this newly-single lady appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman," and the talk show host just couldn't resist making a quip about the time that he made Justin Bieber cry. Selena laughed and responded by saying, "Well, that makes two of us!" Justin was probably embarrassed by his ex poking fun at his pouting, but he seems to be over it now -- he recently tweeted and deleted an Instagram photo that proves that Jelena is back on.

Justin Timberlake

Before Justin and Selena, Justin and Britney were the world's biggest pop power couple. According to Us Weekly, Timberlake shocked Britney Spears fans back in February at his DirecTV Super Bowl-eve concert when he said this before singing his breakup tune "Cry Me a River:" "Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out that she is just some bitch."

He later took to Twitter to try to clarify his comment by writing, "OK. I see you. Wouldn't disrespect ANYONE personally. Ever. Relax #ItsBritneyBitch I do love that saying though *with accent* #Respect." However, his words are still highly suspect since "Cry Me a River" is reportedly about his split from Spears.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda continued her Twitter rampage last week by complaining about Complex magazine's coverage of her ex Kid Cudi. According to MTV, her rant included this gem: "Ur d--- whipped by my ugly ex @ducidni who's looks and talent have always been questionable to me, him being the ugly duckling that he is and all. U quote him non stop, then take professional shots of him for ur covers, his best photos aren't sh-- compared to mine at my best."

She went on to say that she might record an album before writing, "My music is going to be sicker then whatever the f--- kind of music Scott tries to do. Stop writing articles without speaking to me first." We can only pray that she follows through with this threat and that she includes a few love songs for Drake on her album.

Rob Kardashian

This reality show star launched a lot of ugly tweets aimed at his ex Rita Ora late last year. According to "The Insider," one of them read, "She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart? But I mean 20?!!!" Rita responded with her own nasty attack: "Rob's d*** was wack, I had to get it somewhere else." Rob later said that he started the Twitter tiff to make sure that he doesn't take Rita back, and he blamed his 40 pound weight gain on his ex.

Ray J

Rob's sister Kim Kardashian experienced a little ex drama of her own when Ray J released his song "I Hit It First." Ray J might not directly diss Kim with lines like, "She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first," but he has to know that he's hurting her by reminding the world about their sex tape. Maybe he thinks starting a beef with Kanye West will help his career.

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