Harry Styles Recording Solo Album? Three Reasons He Won't Quit One Direction Yet

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Harry Styles Recording Solo Album? Three Reasons He Won't Quit One Direction Yet

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One Direction has taken the world by storm since they burst onto the scene after making a name for themselves on the UK version of "The X Factor." The five British boys have all made headlines for one thing or another, but none more than Harry Styles. Now, the curly-haired cutie has reportedly been spending some time in the studio, working on a solo album! Does this mean he's about to jump from the One Direction ship and sail the seas of superstardom alone? Don't panic. Here are three reasons Harry Styles won't be going anywhere for a while!

He has a contract to fulfill

Even though Harry has been recording solo material, he can't leave One Direction just yet without breaking the terms of his contract. Reports say the band are tied to an "iron clad" three album deal with Sony. This means that, along with any other commitments they have, they still owe Simon Cowell one more album before they can even think about going their separate ways. The terms of the agreement state that if any one member of the group chooses to leave before the contract is over, all five members will face financial consequences. There's nothing like piling on the pressure not to let your friends down to keep a band together!

He's still a little young to take on the world of showbusiness alone

Harry has been a part of the music industry for a few years now, and he's still only 19 years old. Sure, there have been many younger stars who have made it on their own, but to lose his support system might spell the end for him far quicker than he planned. These boys have always relied on each other since their rise to fame, and if Harry breaks away from them, he might not find it easy to cope without them. There's also the small matter of fan backlash. If Harry peels away from such a successful group, he could find himself facing an army of angry girls who won't care about his new music. They'll only care that he broke up their favorite band.

He's having too much fun

The simple fact is, One Direction are a bunch of young boys, living the dream lifestyle, and doing it with their best friends. They always look like they're having such a great time together, it's hard to imagine Harry giving it all up to go it alone.

Harry Styles is a young man with talent, for sure. However, with so many other reasons for him to stay with One Direction, it's unlikely that he'll make a move away from them anytime in the near future.

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