Harrison Ford Interested in Playing Han Solo in New 'Star Wars' Movie: Three Reasons Why He Should Return

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Harrison Ford Interested in Playing Han Solo in New 'Star Wars' Movie: Three Reasons Why He Should Return

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Should Harrison Ford return as Han Solo?

Harrison Ford might end up going back to the "Star Wars" well after all. Now that Disney has revealed plans to make a seventh film in the legendary sci-fi franchise, the star is apparently open to reprising his role as Han Solo. That is surprising considering the comments that he star has made about Han Solo over the years. "As a character he was not so interesting to me," he said in a 2010 interview. The actor has long preferred his Indiana Jones character, but it looks like he might be changing his mind. There is no word on what the new Star Wars movies will involve, but bringing back Han would be an interesting prospect. Here are a few reasons why it would be smart for the filmmakers to invite the 70-year-old actor back.

It will connect to the old movies

After a prequel trilogy that alienated many "Star Wars" fans, it's critical for the new films to restore the quality of the series. The best way to do that is to remind everyone why the original trilogy was so great. By including characters like Han Solo, as well as the Skywalker siblings, these movies will feel like natural follow-ups to the original three movies. Given the age of Harrison and his original co-stars, it's likely that their roles would be reduced. However, even a cameo would lend some credibility to the new trilogy.

It will bring some humor to the mix

In the first three movies, Harrison brought the majority of the comic relief through his character. That was really missing in the prequel movies, where the humor seemed more like that of a children's book. No one expects to see "Star Wars" morph into an R-rated series, but the more mature humor of the original movies was much more fitting. Bringing Han back would ensure that the producers are interested in restoring the original brand of humor to the series. As an added bonus, fans might get to see the great banter that Harrison had with co-stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Harrison can help groom the new cast

The new "Star Wars" films will no doubt feature a bunch of new characters, and most fans will have no clue who they are. By bringing back Harrison, the producers can use his character to help the others develop. It would be a smart choice to give him a sizeable role in the first film, and allow the new stars to take over after that. If the new movie starts with people that no one recognizes, it might turn fans off once again. The return of Han Solo will ensure that fans stay interested from the beginning.

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