Happy Haunting: 5 of the Hottest Celebs to Star in Horror Movies

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Happy Haunting: 5 of the Hottest Celebs to Star in Horror Movies

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Once upon a time Jen Aniston was in scary movies before she was a "Friend" to everyone else!

Halloween is here, which means it's time to bust out the fun costumes, deliciously dreadful drinks, and our favorite horror flicks. While many people might be spending the night decked out in crazy outfits we're spending the night ordering in and watching the hottest celebs starring in some of Hollywood's cheesiest scary movies.

What are the five hottest celebs to star in horror movies?

Jessica Biel

Mrs. Timberlake might have just put a ring on it but once upon a time she was screaming for her life on the set of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." The 2003 remake of the classic film had audience members not only scared senseless but a little bit hot and bothered too. Jessica wore nothing but a sexy white tanktop and jeans throughout the movie showing off her sexy, toned curves.

Jennifer Aniston

Sometimes it's fun to take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the goofy films celebrities have starred in while trying to make it big. Jen Aniston was still unknown in 1993 when she starred in the role as Tory Reding in "Leprechaun," a not very scary horror film about a sadistic Leprechaun who murders people in search of his pot of gold. The movie isn't very good but at least we have a young Jen to stare at during the film.

Courtney Cox

Like her BFF in Hollywood, Courtney Cox spent some time screaming on the big screen. Courtney famously played the role of Gale Weathers in 1997's "Scream," a horror flick that instantly became a Halloween favorite. Courtney reprised her role as Gale in "Scream 4" last year, proving that a decade later she can still look sexy playing the character of the notorious news caster.

Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray

Back when Paris was actually attempting to have a career in Hollywood she starred in the 2005 film "House of Wax" co-starring super hottie Chad Michael Murray. We don't think Paris looked particularly sexy in the film but she managed to give fans and haters alike a bang for their buck when she took an axe to the head on screen.

Sadly, Chad didn't have a happy ending either but at least he maintained his chiseled good looks throughout the movie. Although the film wasn't very successful it has still maintained a regular appearance every Halloween on TV.

What are your favorite horror movies starring the sexiest celebs?

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