Happy Haunting: 5 of the Hottest Celebs to Star in Horror Movies

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Jessica Biel is one of the hottest actresses to appear in a horror film.

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Jessica Biel is one of the hottest actresses to appear in a horror film.

Halloween is barely a week away and now is the perfect time of year to grab your friends and plan your very own Horrorfest of the season's best horror flicks. Many famous celebs have lended their talents to some super spooky flicks including "Halloween," "The Shining," and several others.

Here's our pick of the five sexiest celebs to scream on screen:

Jessica Biel in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Long before she was Justin Timberlake's on-again-off-again sweetheart Jessica Biel was a primetime legend on the WB's "7th Heaven." While on hiatus from the show Biel filmed a remake of the 1974 cult classic "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in 2003. Wearing nothing but some jeans and a sexy white tanktop Biel screamed for her life looking toned and terrified. This is an instant horror movie favorite.

Ali Larter and Famke Janssen in "House on Haunted Hill"

A rich tycoon offers up one million big ones if one person can last through the night in the spooky house on the hill with a frightening past. This 1999 horror flick had a slew of stars including blonde babe Ali Larter and deliciously evil and beautiful Famke Janssen. Not only did this movie incite bone chilling screams but it also offered some eye candy as well.

Paris Hilton, Chad Michael Murray, and Jared Padalecki in "House of Wax"

For those of us who spent our teen years watching Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalecki as the potential love interest and boyfriend for Rory Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls," the 2005 remake of "House of Wax" was a true Halloween treat. Paris Hilton famously starred in this film winding up with an ax to the head but the movie gave viewers some sexy on screen scream time with the hunks of the WB network.

Shia LaBeouf in "Disturbia"

Okay, so it's not necessarily a true horror film but 2007's "Disturbia" had no problem creating some hair raising thrills. Shia LaBeouf plays the teenage son of a single mom under house arrest when he starts believing his neighbor is a serial killer. LaBeouf's on screen romance with actress Sarah Roemer heats things up in between the scenes where they're investigating the creepy next door neighbor.

Penn Badgley and Dylan Walsh in "The Stepfather"

We're not the type to crush on mom's boyfriends but in 2009's "The Stepfather" we couldn't help but notice just how charming David Harris a.k.a. actor Dylan Walsh was at the portrayal of the stepfather with a suspicious past. This is not a horror flick to pass up, especially if you're a "Gossip Girl" fan. Penn Badgley gives some hunky screen time action as the son just home from military school learning the secret behind his mom's new love interest.

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