Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey! - True or False Trivia Game

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Patrick Dempsey is celebrating a birthday!

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Patrick Dempsey is celebrating a birthday!

Patrick Dempsey turns 46 today. He just keeps getting better with age! He is not just super good looking, he is a talented actor as well. We hope to see more of him on the screen for years to come. If you are a big fan of this curly-haired actor, test your knowledge about him with a true or false trivia game.

True or False?

1. Patrick was diagnosed with a learning disability when he was a young kid.

2. He grew up in California.

3. Patrick was once married to a much older woman.

4. Patrick played a heartthrob in the movie "Can't Buy Me Love."

5. In the movie "Freedom Writers," Patrick played Hilary Swank's character's brother.

6. In 2006, he won an award for lead actor in "Grey's Anatomy" at the Golden Globe Awards.

7. Patrick is a father.

8. Patrick has been on "Will and Grace."



1. True. He was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was just 12 years old.

2. False. He actually grew up in Lewiston, Maine.

3. True. When he was just 21, he married his manager Rocky Parker, who was 27 years old than him. He divorced her seven years later. He admitted that he looked at her too much as a mother figure.

4. False. Patrick actually played a nerd who paid a popular girl to be his girlfriend for a month.

5. False. He played Hilary's character's husband.

6. False. Although Patrick was nominated for the award, he did not win. The award went to Hugh Laurie instead.

7. True. He has one daughter and twins sons.

8. True. Patrick played Matthew, Eric McCormack's boyfriend. He was in a total of three episodes.


Did you get a lot of the answers right? Even if you missed some, I hope you had fun playing the game anyway!

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