Happy Birthday Eva Mendes: Trivia About the Actress

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Eva Mendes is celebrating a birthday today.

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Eva Mendes is celebrating a birthday today.

Actress Eva Mendes is turning 38 on March 5. The stunning beauty has become a huge draw at the box office. It doesn't matter if the news involves an upcoming movie or her relationship with Ryan Gosling. Whatever she does, people are going to be interested. The star has built her career into one that goes well beyond her stunning looks and personal life. She is a legitimate force in front of the camera. How much do you know about the actress? Here is some trivia in honor of her birthday.

1. Mendes made her feature film debut with a role in a cheesy movie that is part of a famous horror franchise. What movie marked the debut of the actress?

2. The horror movie that marked her film debut wasn't the only scary movie that featured Mendes. What other horror movie saw her character get killed on screen?

3. In 2001, the actress had a small role in the action film "Exit Wounds." The movie focused on a tough guy cup and a drug dealer that isn't really a drug dealer. What two people played the main roles in that movie?

4. The movie "Training Day" provided Mendes with one of her breakout roles. The popular movie earned Denzel Washington an Oscar for Best Actor and helped showcase Mendes's talent as a dramatic actress. What role did she play in the movie?

5. The actress has twice played the love interest to a character played by Nicolas Cage. What two movies featured a romance between Cage and Mendes?


1. Mendes took on the role of Kir in "Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror." She wasn't the second billed female character in the movie.

2. Mendes played Vanessa in "Urban Legends: Final Cut." Her character met her demise early in the movie.

3. Action star Steven Seagal played the lead police officer while rapper DMX took on the role of a drug dealer that is really a computer expert.

4. Mendes played Sara, the mistress of Washington's corrupt police officer Alonzo.

5. Mendes served as the love interest to Cage in both "Ghost Rider" and "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans."

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