Halloween Costume Ideas: Celebrity Families

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"Skins" We Hardly Knew You: TTYL!

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"Skins" We Hardly Knew You: TTYL!

Halloween is a family affair. Whether you need a group costume for your family or friends, you can find inspiration from one of these popular celebrity families.

The Kardashians

The Kardashians know how to work the cameras. This photogenic family of entrepreneurs has their own clothing stores, perfume (Kim Kardashian), TV shows and the media power of Ryan Seacrest behind them.

Mom Kris Jenner should wear a short black wig and for the rest of the Kardashian girls you need the longest, blackest wigs you can find. For the older girls, help each other cake on the makeup. You need flawless skin which you can achieve with concealer, foundation and powder. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are known for their dramatic eyes, so you'll need to create dark, smokey eyes with spider-like false eyelashes. Wear glitzy dresses with towering heels. To be Kim, make sure you're constantly texting. For Khloe, find a humongous diamond (fake) ring. To channel your inner Kourtney, carry around baby Mason in the form of a baby doll.

For the guys in the group, use Bruce Jenner and Rob Kardashian as inspiration. Dad can wear a track suit and a gold medal, just like Bruce Jenner. Rob should constantly have a forced casual look, wear baggy jeans paired with a dress shirt which is tucked in one side and left hanging on the other. Add a black belt and a huge watch and two huge diamond stud earrings. Rob should carry around a photo of ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon and moon over her frequently.

My Two Daddies

The latest celebrity couple to experience growing pains is comedic actor ("How I Met Your Mother") Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. The pair are the proud daddies of fraternal twins. Two guys can dress up in anything from casual sportswear to formal tuxes and wear baby dolls in matching baby carriers. One baby can be dressed like a girl, the other like a boy. For an outdoor event, complete the family by each bringing along dogs on leashes.

Glam Fam

The Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith clan is one of the most glamorous and fashion-forward families in Hollywood. This family is sure to inspire your celebrity family costume. Not only is the whole family bursting with cinematic talent, they all have a penchant for memorable red carpet moments. Dad should be chic and casual with a dress shirt unbuttoned to reveal a T-shirt, and fitted jeans tucked into boots. Don't go for black boots; they're so obvious, but instead opt for a gray or bright color. For Mom, Jada, wear your best all gold outfit. The newest musical sensation, Willow Smith should rock a front ponytail and an over-the-top 80s style jacket. Finish Willow's look with a mismatched leopard print top, and jeans paired with knee-high boots. For "The Karate Kid" star Jaden Smith, mimic his look from the flick with a white tank top and red sweatpants.

TomKat Plus One

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise easily win the prettiest celebrity family award. To be Katie channel her look from her appearance on "So You Think You Can Dance." Don a leotard, black nylons, shiny top coat a pair of sky-high heels. The heels need to be tall enough that you'll tower over your Tom Cruise! Katie's outfit may remind you of another iconic woman; Rebecca DeMornay in "Risky Business," rocked a similar coat and hat. For Tom Cruise, a pair of socks, tightie whities and a long dress shirt should suffice. A small Suri Cruise should have stylish dark hair and her best designer clothes, but don't forget, little Suri always has a pair of kitten heels to match.

Single Mom Families

There are plenty of single celebrity moms raising families including Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Sheryl Crow, Britney Spears and Madonna. Pick your own favorite single celebrity mom and wear one of her signature styles. For Britney Spears, wear a messy blond wig. Put on a dressy top with jean cut-offs and flip-flops, and bring along your two sons.

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