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Selena Gomez thinks she can do it all, but can she?

Now that October is here, celebrities better start getting busy planning their Halloween costumes. And since stars can spend more on spooky and stylish getups than your average trick-or-treater, they should try to be a little more creative with their freakish fashion choices. So in honor of the howl-iday, here's a look at a few haunting Halloween costume ideas for some select celebs:

Heidi Klum

Heidi's Halloween costumes are legendary in Hollywood, so it's safe to say this year will be no exception. She recently dropped a hint about what she and her hubby Seal will be going as this year by saying that their costumes will be a little hairy. And since Heidi has been busy promoting her new perfume Shine, perhaps she's planning on going as one of nature's most aromatic animals -- a polecat. But this doesn't mean she's going to dress like a sexy kitty and try her hand at swinging on a stripper pole (that's more up the "Jersey Shore" girls' alley) -- after all, Heidi has already dressed up like a cat for Halloween. Instead maybe she'll go as the the cute kitty disguised as a skunk from the old Warner Bros. cartoons, while Seal goes as Pepe Le Pew.


And speaking of the "JerseyShore," perhaps Snooks will want to go as her favorite food -- a sour, juicy pickle. Dressing like a sexy Oompa-Loompa would be way too obvious for the orange reality show star, so instead she can don one of those green Morphsuits that will probably be popular this year (think "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"). Snooks is already the right shape and size to go as a gherkin, and she loves her favorite sour snack so much that she's created the perfect thing to complete her look -- flip-flops that look like pickles. Then again, she already covered herself with dill chips to go as a pickle princess last year.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie has come up with a wide variety of great Halloween costume ideas this year, from warlocks to trolls to goddesses. However, one of the wackiest characters in his world has to be the gnarly Vatican Assassin. Just picture the MaSheen in full ninja garb with one added accessory -- a pope-style hat. Of course he'll also need a bayonet in order to be prepared for battle, but it won't help him much when it comes to dealing with the backlash he'll get from angry Catholic groups.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

If these two can avoid getting divorced before Halloween, they can show their solidarity with a hilarious couples' costume -- Ashton can wear a bowling shirt like Charlie Harper used to wear; Demi can cross-dress like a guy; and the couple can carry around the torso of a dummy to go as "Two and a Half Men." And of course Ashton wouldn't want to waste a chance to profit -- he'd be sure to cover the dummy with logos promoting Foursquare, Flipboard, Hipmunk and Chegg.

Selena Gomez

Speaking of cross-dressing, it might be very popular this Halloween with the emergence of Lady Gaga's male alter ego Jo Calderone. In fact, Nicki Minaj has already said that she might dress up like Lil Wayne (which shouldn't be too hard since she probably owns a pair of leopard jeggings just like his). Anyway, it would certainly be hilarious to see Selena don a Bieber wig; purple hoodie; and high top sneaks to become the Biebs for Halloween. Since Justin also wears women's jeans, she won't have to work too hard on her costume, either (and the Biebs shouldn't have any problem dressing like Selena).

Kim Kardashian

Kim recently said that her dad was partly responsible for transforming her and her sisters into "trannies," so maybe she needs to step away from the super-skimpy, sexy Halloween costumes now that she's a married woman and dress up like a drag queen instead. So basically she'd be pulling a "Victor Victoria" by going as a woman trying to look like a man trying to look like a woman (it's so crazy that it just might work).

Gwyneth Paltrow

And who wouldn't love to see Gwyneth dress up like Goop for Halloween? The name of her lifestyle website sounds like something from a cheesy '50s horror movie ("Attack of the Goop from Outer Space!"), and since white foods are evil in her goopy world, she could cover herself with a mixture of flour, mayo, and sugar to terrify her followers.


RiRi can show that crazy Irish farmer who complained about her being topless by dressing up like her own version of an Irish farmer -- think short, cutoff overalls with nothing underneath and a green farmer's hat adorned with a shamrock.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen seems to be trying to adopt Justin Theroux's dark style to keep him hooked, so perhaps she should dress like a corpse bride for Halloween -- it's an edgy, dark look that he'll probably dig, but she'll also be dropping a hint to her man.

Katie Holmes

Barney from "How I Met Your Mother" is praying that Katie makes a legen...wait for it...dary decision to actually dress up like the slutty pumpkin for Halloween.

Justin Timberlake

Perhaps this star can win his ex Jessica Biel back with a few laughs by dressing like Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon, or Andy Dick and wearing a giant box.

Scarlett Johansson

And ScarJo should also show that she's embraced her anatomy after her nude photo scandal by dressing up like Lady Godiva (she'll just have to see if she can get Sean Penn or Ryan Reynolds to be her horse).

Mike Myers

This actor needs to dust off his Dr. Evil costume for Halloween -- now the new dad has his own Mini-Me to dress up just like him for the holiday.

Christian Hendricks

This "Mad Men" star is driving men mad by talking about how badly she wants to play Wonder Woman, so she just needs to use her secret cleavage-compacting superpower to squeeze into the tiny star-spangled costume and get it over with.

LeAnn Rimes

Why doesn't LeAnn just prove to everyone that she's not afraid of food by covering herself with it and going as an all-you-can-eat buffet for Halloween? It's definitely a better option than the controversial Ann Rexia costume being sold this year. However, it's more likely that she'll try to hold Eddie Cibrian's attention by donning a Playboy bunny costume like those worn by his sexy costars on "The Playboy Club."

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay needs to remind "My Week with Marilyn" actress Michelle Williams who the real Marilyn Monroe is by dressing up like her muse for Halloween. However, she won't look quite as classy by the end of the night when her wrinkled dress stinks of booze and is covered with orange self-tanner stains. Or maybe Lindsay will go as fellow freckled-faced redhead Emma Stone, who ended up with the career she should have had (Linds could also combine the costumes in a classy way by attaching a red "A" to her white halter dress).

Kate Middleton

And this brunette beauty needs to remind Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins who the real hot princess is by dressing like a sexy version of Snow White for Halloween (as an added plus, such a costume could help get the royal baby-making process underway).

Of course these stars have plenty of other options since money is no object to them, so if you have any Halloween costume ideas for these celebrities or others not on this list, be sure to sound off in the comments.

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