Halle Berry and Other Sexy Female Celebrities Approaching Age 50

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Halle Berry looks awesome for her age.

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Halle Berry looks awesome for her age.

Halle Berry celebrated her 45th birthday by showing off a bikini body that almost all 25-year-olds would be envious of. The ageless star will now be closer to age 50 than age 40 with each passing day, but she probably won't lose her sex symbol status anytime soon. So in honor of her birthday, here's a look at a few other female celebrities who are looking fine as they approach the big 5-0:

Elizabeth Hurley

This 46-year-old played a sexy spy in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" and a delectable devil in the "Bedazzled" remake. Since Elizabeth made the silver screen sizzle with her foxy face and ultra-feminine physique, the world was baffled when her bad boy ex Hugh Grant cheated on her with a prostitute. But after a few more failed relationships and a divorce, the beautiful Brit has jumped back into the dating game with handsome cricket star Shane Warne. And she can still make much younger guys swoon -- 25-year-old actor Chace Crawford looked absolutely enamored with the actress when she recently shot a scene with him for "Gossip Girl."

Courteney Cox

But Elizabeth isn't the only cougar in town. This 47-year-old star of the show "Cougar Town" is so stunning that she was recently offered a job as the Home Editor of xoJane.com, where she'll be spilling some of her biggest beauty secrets (here's one of them: she colors her luscious locks with a $9 box of hair dye!). But as beautiful as Courteney is, she apparently wants to be able to hide behind a camera someday -- the actress will be making her directorial debut during the upcoming season of "Cougar Town."

Sandra Bullock

Courteney's fellow 47-year-old brunette beauty would also make a great cougar -- Sandra really needs to snag her pal Ryan Reynolds while he's still single! However, if America's sweetheart and one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelorettes was to turn down a proposal from a guy (even one as sweet as Ryan), it wouldn't be hard to blame her -- after what Jesse James did to her, she probably doesn't even want to star in movies about relationships anymore. But at least she'll always have her little gold man.

Demi Moore

This 48-year-old really knew what she was doing when she married 33-year-old Ashton Kutcher -- the ageless beauty is married to a guy with one of the best jobs on TV (maybe now she'll get to guest star with the "Two and a Half Men" leading man as a cougar on the prowl). Demi might not don her birthday suit for movies like "Striptease" anymore, but she's still got a bod that many women half her age would envy. In fact, she even managed to land a gig modeling for Ann Taylor's fall campaign.

Marisa Tomei

Marisa looks so much younger than her 46 years that Lady Gaga once said she'd like the actress to play her in a movie. Like Demi, Marisa has played a stripper before, but she made jaws drop by showing off her body in the 2008 movie "The Wrestler." And like Halle and Sandra, she also earned an Oscar, but it's taken her years to recover from the controversy surrounding her panned performance in "My Cousin Vinny" (lots of men probably forgave her after "The Wrestler" and "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead").

So as these lovely ladies approach 50, they give women everywhere hope by proving that sex appeal doesn't subside after 45.

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