Halle Berry’s Fight Club! Gabriel Aubry Vs. Olivier Martinez - Whose Side Are You On?

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Halle Berry’s Fight Club! Gabriel Aubry Vs. Olivier Martinez - Whose Side Are You On?

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Does Halle Berry need your love advice?

It's Aubry vs. Martinez with Berry as the referee!

Halle Berry is officially having the worst holiday season ever. On Thanksgiving the Frenchmen in her life got into a huge physical brawl and it's just getting uglier. The fist fight between Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez left them both going to the hospital and hurling accusations. Of course, Aubry is the French-Canadian model who fathered Berry's beautiful daughter Nahla. Olivier is Halle's French fiance.

The roots of this beef reportedly stem from Halle's ongoing fight to move to France. Halle had been fighting to move overseas with Nahla citing safety and paparazzi concerns in the United States. Aubry fought tooth and nail to have Nahla remain in America and recently a judge agreed that this is the best place for her.

The fight has now become he said, she said, he said. Photo evidence shows that Gabriel physically received the worst of it. The pretty boy who makes a living on his looks has two nasty black eyes. Olivier meanwhile is reportedly being treated for damage to his fists. Each claims the other started it. Olivier is 10 years older than the model but clearly the man can hold his own.

As of this writing, Halle, Olivier and Nahla have a restraining order against Gabriel. He must stay 100 yards away from his daughter. Gabriel has been granted his own restraining order against Olivier. At the center of it all is little Nahla Ariela Aubry, 4.

So who's to blame? We have no way of knowing until it all plays out in the legal system.

Berry has faced several challenges when it comes to her personal life. Her previous marriages to David Justice and Eric Benet both ended in shambles. She has been outspoken and honest about facing such challenges as domestic violence, being abandoned by her father and living with diabetes.

Despite her problems with previous relationships, she seems to have the best interests of her beloved daughter at heart.

So, what do you think? Was Olivier defending his new family against the disgruntled Gabriel? Or was Gabriel trying to defend the his rights to fatherhood?

Sound off!

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