Halle Berry Draws Flak for Flashing Leno with Low-Cut Dress

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Halle Berry Draws Flak for Flashing Leno with Low-Cut Dress

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Halle Berry

Though never shy about showing off her body, Halle Berry may have gone a tad too far when she appeared on the "Tonight Show" Monday with a dress that barely covered her breasts. The revealing Reem Acra mini was not only strapless, it began well below the top of her breasts and had a sexy slit in the center that went down to her torso.

The frisky frock -- which gave new meaning to the phrase "little black dress" -- pushed the envelope farther than the Versace gown the "Monster's Ball" actress wore to this year's Academy Awards telecast, a glamorous metallic dress with a plunging neckline that seemed almost modest in comparison.

Though the talk show host didn't seem to mind his guest's "physics defying" dress, opinions varied across the web.

"How Low Can You Go?" asked Vibe, admitting the 46-year-old "rocked" the dress despite being ancient by Hollywood's standards.

E!'s Fashion Police gave Berry a ticket, implying the dress was tacky. "We're usually wowed by the way the former Catwoman's body looks in absolutely anything, but this feels a little too much like something we've seen on The Real Housewives," snarked the celebrity fashion blog.

Even Cosmo thought the "X-Men" actress may have gone too far, but more for fashion reasons than good taste. "We look at cleavage like this," wrote a blogger for the how-to-be-sexy website. "If you're going to show off your chest, choose a region of boob. Go for either top, middle, or side, but by no means should this be an around-the-world tour of your tatas where you get to look at the entire view."

Perhaps more bluntly, gay bloggers Tom and Lorenzo thought Berry did herself a disservice by making what looked like a desperate bid for attention. "(You would) still look hot if you didn't have an exposed strip running lengthways down the front of your dress, buckling when you sit down and making your boobs look like two melting scoops of ice cream," they counseled the former Catwoman.

Leno, meanwhile, milked the dress for as many laughs as he could get. When the "Swordfish" star said her Oscar dress this year was her all-time favorite, comparing it to "wearing a Ferrari," the famous car buff went into faux flirting mode. "I enjoy driving a Ferrari. Can you drive a stick shift?" he asked the former Bond girl.

Without missing a beat, Berry replied to the likely pre-scripted double entendre: "I learned on a stick shift."

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