Gwyneth Paltrow Says Botox Made Her Resemble Joan Rivers -- How the Comedienne Could Seek Revenge

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Gwyneth Paltrow Says Botox Made Her Resemble Joan Rivers -- How the Comedienne Could Seek Revenge

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Joan Rivers

Gwyneth Paltrow put a target on her back when she backhanded Joan Rivers in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar. "I won't do Botox again, because I looked crazy," she said. "I looked like Joan Rivers!"

We're guessing Gwynnie didn't think that was a good thing.

But implying that the "Fashion Police" host looks horrific could potentially get Paltrow in hot water since the former New Yorker has access to a million or so viewers each week who tune in to see her mock other celebrities.

Most recently Rivers created a big ruckus over Adele when she ribbed the singer about her weight. Despite some heat from fans and other celebs, she refused to apologize, joking, "She's a chubby lady who's very, very rich, and she should just calm down -- or lose weight! She wanted an apology, so I took an ad out on her ass. I said, 'You are not fat.' And then I had room for a lot of other ads."

Messing with Joanie is like speeding past a police car. You're basically asking to get pulled over or, in this case, called out.

Not that the "Can we talk?" maven has much to criticize Paltrow for in the beauty department. The "Iron Man" actress epitomizes the slim, blonde look Rivers seems to adore, though she has picked on the expat in the past.

"Her hair is so dead it was in the death reel that Céline Dion sang" she said of the Goopster's 2011 Oscar do.

The next year, however, she raved about the svelte star's red carpet appearance, saying, "She looked amazing. So simple and so elegant." So it's not likely Rivers will go after Paltrow on her looks, but rather her surreal celebrity bubble.

In an interview this year, Rivers was asked which celebrities she would like to do makeovers on and she said of Paltrow, "[I'd like to] slap her back into reality." The self-appointed lifestyle guru has given Rivers plenty of organic chicken breasts to chew on in that department.

Recently, for instance, the mother of Apple and Moses had to backpedal on how strict she is about her children's diet. The health-obsessed foodie implied in her latest cookbook that her kids were not allowed to eat carbs, and then reversed herself on "The Dr. Oz Show," saying, "I don't know where they get some of this stuff! They say I don't give my kids carbs, and I'm feeding them seaweed. . . . I have no idea. But they eat Oreos, too, and they're normal kids."

In March, the 40-year-old actress gave GOOP readers sticker shock when the spring wardrobe "essentials" she featured in her blog turned out to cost a total of $32,182. For many women that's not a clothing budget, it's an annual salary.

These two incidents are just the tip of a very deep iceberg that has not yet been melted by global warming. If Rivers does seek revenge on Paltrow's slap in the face, it will most likely relate to the unreal world in which the Beyonce bestie resides.

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