How Gwyneth Paltrow Became the Hottest Celeb on Our Radar

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How Gwyneth Paltrow Became the Hottest Celeb on Our Radar

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Gwyneth Paltrow

According to People, Gwyneth Paltrow is the most beautiful woman alive. But some people are also calling her the most "hated" woman in Hollywood. She can probably credit her list of celebrity lifestyle whims for earning the latter title. But whether you're a lover or hater of "The Royal Tenenbaums" actress, you've got to admit that her idiosyncratic tendencies make her one of the industry's most interesting stars. Here are just a few quirky reasons why everyone is talking about Gwyneth.

Teeny Weeny Tot Bikinis

Paltrow and her GOOP website are catching major flak for endorsing a line of two-piece swimsuits for girls aged 4 to 8. Fielding claims that the "adult-like" styling sexualizes children, the suits have sparked major debate. Is the swimwear too sexy for tots? Or are the ads themselves cause for pause? In any case, the leggy mother of two doesn't seem fazed by the backlash. While she defends designer Melissa Odabash's trendy swimwear, the rest of the world can chew on some of the other things Paltrow has said and done recently.

Gwyneth's Holy Grail...of Cookbooks

Let's take the star's latest cookbook, for example. The book's title declares that "It's All Good." But naysayers beg to differ. Are we really that opposed to Gwyneth's healthy recipes? Or is it the obscure and pricey ingredients that aggravate us so? In a world that's become accustomed to instant pre-packaged dining, we've come a long way from pruning nature's goodness for nourishment. Nonetheless, the blonde bombshell stands by her cooking tips, calling the criticism "sensationalist."

GOOP Gal Gets "Grabby"

With all the controversy surrounding Paltrow's life choices, we've almost forgotten that the lady has a sense of humor. During a taping of "The Graham Norton Show" on April 19, she was challenged with proving that comedian Lee Mack's legs were uneven by feeling the height difference of his knees. But her gasps of surprise turned to howls of laughter when she fondled Mack's testicles, revealing that they too, were uneven.

She Loves "Love"

Ever so often, one of our favorite celebs reveals a guilty pleasure. Gwyneth's happens to be a fan of a TV show called "Ready for Love." The NBC matchmaking reality series, which premiered April 9, features a trio looking for love amongst a gaggle of female contestants. "I could not turn it off! I was like okay, I'll just watch 'til one more commercial break and then I'll turn it off and go to sleep," Paltrow admitted on an episode of "The Rachael Ray Show." Unfortunately for Gwyn, her guilty pleasure has come to an abrupt end; the flailing series was cancelled after just a few episodes.

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