'Gossip Girl' Season 4, Episode 6, 'Testing, Testing'

'Gossip Girl' Recap of "Testing, Testing"

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'Gossip Girl' Recap; Episode 4:12 'The Kids Are Not All Right'

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'Gossip Girl' Recap; Episode 4:12 'The Kids Are Not All Right'

"Gossip Girl" may be mid-season, but the twists and turns this season is taking turn every episode into a season finale rollercoaster. This week's episode, "Testing, testing" is no exception.

We begin this episode with Serena (Blake Lively) waking up beside Colin (Sam Page) and bolting for the door. Serena tells Blair (Leighton Meester) that she and Colin did not sleep together and that she is not looking at becoming another notch on his bedpost.

Serena heads off to class only to find that her new professor is none other than the bed-hopping Colin. Blair finds Jenny (Taylor Momsen) has returned for a career-boosting interview with the fashion guru Tim Gunn. Jenny makes a heartfelt plea to attend her interview; they strike a compromise where Jenny gets a day pass in exchange for her leaving and not returning to New York City for at least a year.

Juliet (Katie Cassidy) left the post-coital bliss of Nate's (Chace Crawford) arms, claiming she had to go to class. Nate goes to see his dad in prison and spots Juliet who is there to see Ben (David Call). Turns out, Ben is actually her brother. Nate confronts Juliet who spins a story about being there to teach a literacy class for inmates. Juliet fakes a text stating the class has been cancelled for the day and she takes off again. Ben calls Juliet wondering why she did not show up. She tells him about Nate's dad and wants to tell Nate the truth about what they are up to.

Blair tells Serena to talk to Colin and stay away from him. Serena talks to Colin and says she can't have a relationship with him and she doesn't want to be another one of his conquests. But magically, Colin talks Serena into dropping his class and invites her to be his date to an exclusive party where he is being awarded the Bachelor of the Year award. Colin claims that he will give up his bachelorhood and commit fully to Serena.

Blair sends her minions after Jenny to make sure she only goes to her interview. Chuck (Ed Westwick) shows up at the Humphrey/Van der Woodsen home to see Jenny. Dan stops him and Chuck steals Jenny's portfolio of designs for her interview. Chuck calls her and tells her she will have to stop by the Empire Hotel to collect her portfolio, but Blair's minions catch Jenny report back to Blair.

Tim Gunn tells Jenny in her interview that he is impressed with her designs, however, when it comes time to show the actual dresses, the letters W-H-O-R-E are painted on the dresses. Gunn gets upset and shows Jenny the door. Devastated, Jenny runs into Blair outside and accuses Blair of ruining her collection. Blair tells Jenny she shouldn't have broken the rules. Chuck then calls Dan and offers to help Jenny get a second interview by giving them tickets to the same exclusive party Serena is going to with Colin.

At the party, Serena, leaves Colin's side again to meet him upstairs and avoid the press after her mother praises her for taking an advanced class like Colin's. Serena is shaken when she sees her mother at the party. Colin tells Serena that she should tell her mother not to worry about her future because he was part of it.

Jenny talks to Tim Gunn and apologizes for the dress fiasco and he grants her a second interview. Blair's minions show up and tell Jenny that Blair is coming after her, but that no one really knows why Blair hates Jenny so much.

Blair shows up to the party and confronts Chuck who tells her that he was using Jenny to make Blair squirm and that Jenny will keep her mouth shut about Chuck taking Jenny's virginity. Jenny however sends a text to Gossip Girl who sends a blast letting the cat out of the bag. Blair tries to deny the blast and Jenny's very public response is "Give it up Blair, I did. And we all know to who I gave it to." Chuck and Blair are both devastated.

Serena's mother uses reverse psychology to convince Serena to not drop the class, but to drop Colin. Colin accepts his award and implies that he would give up the award for the right woman and Serena bolts again.

Juliet decides to tell Nate the truth when he gets a call from the prison telling him his Dad has been attacked. Juliet then gets a text from her brother asking if she got his "message" implying he had Nate's father beat up.

Blair confronts Chuck again, stating Jenny has 'won.' Jenny shows up and tells her that Blair is wrong and that if she was going to beat her, she would have to become her, and she wasn't going to do that. Jenny then points out that Chuck and Blair used to love each other and that they will end up destroying each other. Jenny leaves town for good.

Serena goes to Colin's office to leave him a letter. Colin is there and concedes that he is willing to wait the 7 weeks of his class for him and Serena to be together.

Chuck shows up at Blair's and offers a truce. He tells Blair that they needed to stop trying to blame each other and realize that it's no one's fault, but that it was "...fate, a tragedy" and that they were "...holding on to the pain" because it was all they had left. Blair.

Nate goes to see his father, then calls Juliet and she begins to break up with him, but Nate, thinking it's because his dad is in prison, breaks up with her first. In the biggest twist of the night, Colin walks in his apartment where Juliet is waiting for him. He gives her a check and Juliet tells him that taking down Serena is not going to be easy.

What We Are Dying To Know...

Now that Chuck and Blair have called a truce, what is next for them? The previews for next week are full of steam. Are Chuck and Blair headed for bliss yet again?

Exactly how many people are in on the scheme against Serena? Let's see, first we have Juliet, then her brother Ben, and now Colin... who is next?

Who will Dan and Nate end up with next? Juliet and Nate are through and Vanessa has left Dan. What happens next? These guys don't stay single for long.

Will Serena become another notch on Colin's bedpost? As I said, next week, someone is hooking up...who will it be?

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