‘For A Good Time, Call…’ Star Justin Long Talks Hotlines


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‘For A Good Time, Call…’ Star Justin Long Talks Hotlines

At the red carpet premiere for the hilarious movie, 'For a Good Time, Call...' the film's leading man, Justin Long, shared some very personal details exclusively with HollywoodLife.com! Keep reading to see the hilarity that ensued!

At the Grey Goose-sponsored red carpet premiere on Aug. 21, the new flick about two best friends who start a phone sex line together. In an EXCLUSIVE interview, star Justin Long shared some very personal details! When it comes to sex, many of Hollywood's A-Listers keep their lips sealed on the controversial topic, so we were SHOCKED by the words that came out of the 34-year-old hottie's mouth! In a revealing one-on-one with HollywoodLife, the adorable actor got personal with us: HollywoodLife: Do you think dirty talk is good for a relationship? Justin Long: Whatever helps, right? Whatever gets you through the night. Whatever feeds the money. HL: If you could start a phone sex hotline with any actor or actress in Hollywood, who would it be and why? JL: I'd go with Sean Connery. HL: Why Sean Connery? JL: Because people would just be like, 'Um, is this Sean Connery?' And he would be like (doing his best Sean Connery impersonation), 'I would like you lick my -----!' And then people

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