Golden Globes - Ryan Gosling, Charlize Theron and More - 5 Most Surprising Nominations

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The Golden Globes nominations are finally here and this year's leading celebrities have nabbed some pretty stellar nominations. Here are our picks for the 5 most surprising nominations.

Ryan Gosling scored big with two nominations for his performance in "Ides of March" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" including Best Actor in a Drama and Best Actor in a Comedy. This up-and-coming actor has had quite the year releasing several moves in 2011 and we were surprised and delighted to see the usually indie actor get recognition for his talent.

Although Angelina Jolie is a favorite among The Golden Globes crowd plenty of people were surprised when "In the Land of Blood of Honey" was nominated for Best Foreign Film considering the lack of attention its received so far. The film is Jolie's directorial debut about a love story in war torn Bosnia and although we have yet to see the film we're glad to see Jolie get recognized for her efforts on such a difficult subject.

It was no surprise when George Clooney earned recognition for his role in "The Descendants" this year grabbing up the nomination for Best Actor in a Drama but it was a huge surprise that he was also nominated for Best Director with "Ides of March." The movie was also nominated for Best Motion Picture Drama. The political drama was a favorite of ours this fall so we're glad to see it in the running but we aren't sure if it will stack up against other heavy hitters like "Moneyball," "The Help," or even "Hugo."

When Charlize Theron grabbed up the nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in "Young Adult" we were thrilled. "Young Adult" (in our opinion) was one of the best films of the year and to see Theron get nominated after quite a big hiatus from acting proves this star is back on top again as one of the leading ladies in Hollywood.

"Drive" became almost an instant cult classic when it was released this summer starring two-time currently nominated Gosling but when co-star Albert Brooks was nominated for Best Supporting Actor we were beyond excited for the veteran actor. "Drive" was a film that proved Hollywood can still come up with original concepts in the midst of predictable plot lines ("Friends With Benefits" anyone?). We hope Brooks wins in this category but he has some pretty steep competition with other heavy hitters including Jonah Hill and Viggo Mortensen among others.

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