Golden Globes Nomination Confirms that Zooey Deschanel Has Overcome the Adorable Movie Star to TV Star Jinx

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Zooey Deschanel nabs a Globe nomination!

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Zooey Deschanel nabs a Globe nomination!

Hard to imagine anyone was really surprised that Zooey Deschanel received a Best Actress in a Comedy nomination from the Golden Globes for the freshman year of "New Girl." Deschanel is more than a breath of fresh air to the torridly overbearing landscape that is female comedy. Of course, if one goes by past experiences, Deschanel's success may be a bit surprising. Certainly, she is one of the few actors of either gender who has been capable translating that sense of the adorable from the big screen to the small screen.

Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack is as adorable as Zooey Deschanel in her own unique way. She's certainly more adorable than her brother who has gone from ultimate 80s cool to nearly landing in Charlie Sheen territory. You cannot count the number of movies that benefit from the addition of Cusack, yet her foray into sitcom territory, "What About Joan" was certainly no "New Girl." Maybe the time is ripe for Cusack to try again, now that Deschanel has made it acceptable to not be foul mouthed and trashy in order to achieve success as a female sitcom star.

Richard Dreyfuss

Hey, on a good day, even Richard Dreyfuss can be nearly as adorable as Zooey. Maybe puckish is a more apt description than adorable, but there is something almost Zooey-like about Dreyfuss at times. Of course, he has more than a few bad days. Many of the worst of those probably came during the making of "The Education of Max Bickford." How unsuccessful was Dreyfuss on the small screen in his own personal TV series? Bet you can't find anyone who actually remembers ever watching "The Education of Max Bickford."

Geena Davis

Ah, Geena Davis. The Zooey Deschanel of her day. Of course, those days were back in the 80s. Remember "Tootsie"? There's a role that could easily go to Zooey Deschanel today. What is interesting is that Geena Davis did have roles in not one, but two underappreciated 1980s sitcoms "Buffalo Bill" and "Sara" but that was before the Oscar and that ill-fated road trip with Susan Sarandon. Once Davis became a bona fide star, you would think her troubles with the small screen would disappear. Perhaps it was the choice to go for a drama over sitcom, but all the hype in the world could not save "Commander in Chief." And those failures to set the TV world on fire don't even include "The Geena Davis Show."

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