Golden Globe Nominations Revealed: Three Biggest Surprises

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Golden Globe Nominations Revealed: Three Biggest Surprises

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The Golden Globe nominations have been announced, and as always there are a few shockers. As much fun as it is to think about the worthy nominees, it's equally fun to wonder about those that were overlooked. In revealing this year's nominations, the HFPA definitely gave fans a few things to talk about. Here are three of the biggest surprises regarding this year's Golden Globe nominations.

"Flight" was largely ignored

In something of a shock, the Denzel Washington drama was left out of the Best Picture mix. While the star secured his expected bid for Best Actor, "Flight" was mostly overlooked by the Golden Globes. Robert Zemeckis missed out on a Best Director bid, and the screenplay was ignored, as well. But no snub was more glaring than the movie's absence from the Best Picture category. Despite strong reviews and terrific acting, the film couldn't beat out "Django Unchained" and "Zero Dark Thirty," two films that have yet to see wide release. All of the nominated films might be worthy, but "Flight" was as good as any of them.

Big names missing from Best Television Series-Drama category

What do "Mad Men" and "Game of Thrones" have in common? Neither show was nominated among the best dramatic TV series. Based on the acclaim these shows all received, it's stunning that they weren't recognized. The absence of "Mad Men" was somewhat eased by Jon Hamm's acting nomination. However, "Game of Thrones" wasn't so lucky. Not only did the show's second season miss out, but Emmy-winning actor Peter Dinklage was absent from the acting category, as well. Talk about snubbing one of the most popular shows on TV.

Richard Gere's Best Actor nomination

Washington and Daniel Day-Lewis are the two favorites for Best Actor, so it was no surprise seeing them among the nominees. However, there probably aren't a lot of people out there that envisioned seeing Richard Gere's name on the list. Richard received his first Golden Globe nomination in 10 years for his role as an unethical fund manager in "Arbitrage." The actor did receive a lot of critical praise, but he didn't have anywhere near the buzz that Ben Affleck had for "Argo" or Anthony Hopkins received for "Hitchcock."

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