'Glee's' Naya Rivera and Heather Morris Weigh in on 'Brittana' Vs. 'Bram'

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'Glee's' Naya Rivera and Heather Morris Weigh in on 'Brittana' Vs. 'Bram'

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Many "Glee" fans were outraged over Brittany's (Heather Morris) breakup with Santana (Naya Rivera) and subsequent relationship with Sam (Chord Overstreet). But how do Naya and Heather feel about the latest developments?

Naya Calls 'Brittana' Relationship 'Iconic'

Naya seems to be keeping the faith in Team Brittana. As she tells Hollywood.com, "Yes! I feel like there's always hope for them! It's not like they hate each other, which is the beautiful thing about it. They're still friends as we've seen in all the episodes when she came back."

She also believes that this relationship will become an iconic part of television history. "It feels amazing. I feel like ten, twenty years from now we'll be looking back at the iconic couples in television and this amazing teenage lesbian couple is going to be one of them, and I feel like that's sort of history making."

Is Heather Rooting for 'Bram'?

While Naya seems to be rooting for 'Brittana,' Heather seems to be on board with Brittany and Sam as a couple. As she told TV Guide, "I think being with Sam gives her more room to be herself because they're both weird."

She also seems to suggest that Brittany and Santana are more like best friends. "I think that Santana and Brittany's relationship is more best friends and she stuck with me."

Chord Understands Fan Backlash

Despite being the target of some nasty backlash, Chord actually understands where the fans are coming from.

As he tells Hollywood Reporter, "People care about a lot of things because it speaks to them, and I feel like that kind of relationship a lot of people are invested in, so they hate to see it go away. But I also think there has to be a little separation to have that kind of tension to, 'Are they going to get back together, or are they not?' It adds the drama you need. I don't know who's going to end up together, but I think Sam and Brittany is funny because it gives a bit of comic relief. At the same time, the story she has with Santana is super sweet. I don't think the fans should be as upset -- they should be more excited for what's to come for both scenarios."

Ryan Murphy Tweets & Deletes

On January 10, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy threw a bone at Brittana supporters, tweeting, "Never give up on Finchel. Never give up on Klaine. Never give up on Brittana. Never give up on Wemma. Happy endings."

He later deleted that tweet. My guess is that he was imploring Brittana shippers to stick around, while trying to give away too much information.

I'm not on board with Brittany and Sam because these two seem to bring out the worst qualities in each other. Brittany and Santana, Sam and Mercedes (Amber Riley) are much better suited for each other.

However, Chord does make a valid point that separation provides some interesting dramatic tension.

Will Brittany and Santana reunite? Who is the best match for Sam: Mercedes, Quinn (Dianna Agron), or even Kurt (Chris Colfer)?

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