'Glee's' Mean Girls Shine in This Week's 'Glease'-Themed Episode

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'Glee's' Mean Girls Shine in This Week's 'Glease'-Themed Episode

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Artie convinces Finn to join the musical as the direction in this week's "Glee" episode.

Usually I like to root for the underdogs, but this week's episode of "Glee" actually had me rooting for mean girls Sue (Jane Lynch) and Kitty (Becca Tobin).

Evil Sue is Back

After a season of the softer side of Sue, she decided to let her "irrational hatred of the glee club" resurface. Her new target was the transgender diva Unique (Alex Newell). During the auditions for McKinley High's production of "Grease," Unique expressed a desire to play Rizzo.

Sue was against the idea, arguing that there was too much gender-bending in current television.

Since Finn (Cory Monteith) was co-directing the musical, Sue gave him an ultimatum. However, Finn decided to go against her, arguing that McKinley had become a progressive and socially accepting environment and that Sue's position was narrow-minded.

Normally I root against evil Sue, but I'm just not feeling Unique as a character. I'm all for "diversity" and "inclusion," but Alex/Unique comes across as a one-trick pony, both on "The Glee Project" and on "Glee." He's impressive when he sings in drag, but he hasn't shown a lot of depth otherwise.

Team Sue

Although we're supposed to root for Finn and Unique, I actually found myself on Team Sue this week.

Back in "Theatricality," I defended Finn despite his unfortunate "f-ggy lamp" slip-up. I pointed out that Kurt (Chris Colfer) had been making inappropriate advances on him and that Finn had impulsively acted out in a moment of frustration.

We thought he learned his lesson after the lamp incident. But he crossed the line when he called Sue's baby (who has Downs Syndrome) "retarded." We know that Finn's life sucks right now, but he needs to take some responsibility. (He's the one who didn't call Rachel for 3 months. Did he expect her to just sit around and wait?)

Kitty is a Walking 'Quinntana'

Cheerio Kitty is a walking Quinntana, a "Young Quinn Fabray" (Dianna Agron) with a side of Santana (Naya Rivera) snark.

Kitty may be a religious extremist and a bully, but I actually felt sorry for her this week. "Glee" likes to be a champion for the underdogs, but it almost ends up having a reverse effect. We know that mean popular girls will always get their comeuppance and that the cheerleader never gets the guy in the end. (Just ask Regina George).

In a weird way, Kitty has become the underdog. Marley (Melissa Benoist) is the one who has the audience's sympathy, and she has both Jake (Jacob Artist) and Ryder (Blake Jenner) crushing on her. We know that Marley's going to get the guy (just like we knew that Finn would choose Rachel over Quinn).

Still, Kitty had some great lines this week, running a string of inappropriate but hilarious fat jokes. She advised Marley to wear a black Hefty bag (as it would be the only slimming article of clothing), and described her as "50 Shades of Gravy."

Chang(e) is Good

In other news, Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) is back in town, and things are still awkward between him and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz). She considered not auditioning for "Grease," but he convinced her to not let personal awkwardness derail her from her chance to shine on stage.

Speaking of breakups, Blaine (Darren Criss) is still mourning over the loss of his relationship with Kurt. In a rendition of "Hopelessly Devoted to You," he belted out his sorrows while reminiscing over a photo album. Later, when he auditioned for "Grease," he had a meltdown that Artie (Kevin McHale) described as "Masterpiece Theater."

Back in October, Kurt and Blaine's breakup was heartbreaking, but this week, Darren's over-the-top melodrama and tears came across as ridiculous. So much for being "hopelessly devoted" to Kurt. Blaine's the one who cheated!

Will (Matthew Morrison) is making some changes of his own. He's about to leave for Washington in order to improve arts education. Although he wanted Emma (Jayma Mays) to accompany him, she ultimately decided that she didn't want to leave her job behind for 3 months. She would rather feel close to him from a distance than to resent him close by.

Will arranged for Finn to run the glee club during his absence. Could Finn find his direction through teaching?

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