'Glee's' Heather Morris is Pregnant - Creative Ways They Could Write It Into the Show

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'Glee's' Heather Morris is Pregnant - Creative Ways They Could Write It Into the Show

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(Heather Morris)

'Glee's' Heather Morris is pregnant. The father is her long-time boyfriend, Taylor Hubbell.

As Us Weekly reports, "She's a little more than three months along and starting to show. It was totally unexpected, but they are incredibly happy and excited."

It will be interesting to see how the show's writers handle this. Given all the baby drama with Quinn (Dianna Agron), Sue (Jane Lynch), and Rachel (Lea Michele) on the show, it's a bit ironic that Heather is now pregnant in real life. Will they write Heather's pregnancy into the show? How will this affect her character Brittany's story lines?

Here are a few creative ways that the writers could handle this.

In a Logic-Defying Alternative Universe, Santana Gets Brittany Pregnant

"Glee" is a show where two dads can mix their sperm in a turkey baster to create Rachel Berry, where Sue is able to hold a job as an educator, where eating disorders begin and vanish in a period of weeks, and where people change schools multiple times within a school year.

So why not further defy logic by having Santana (Naya Rivera) impregnate Brittany? Let them get married and live happily ever after as a family. This would certainly appease the "Brittana" fans who have had to suffer through an entire season of "Bram."

Sam Gets Brittany Pregnant & Santana Goes Lima Heights On Him

Sam (Chord Overstreet) gets Brittany pregnant, and decides to do the honorable thing by proposing. Unfortunately, his good intentions backfire, as he incurs the wrath of Santana.

At the wedding, the Brittana fans storm the chapel and assault Sam with giant flaming pots of fondue. Brittany runs off with Santana, leaving Sam heartbroken at the altar, but not before they stick him with a court order, demanding child support payments for the rest of his life.

But not to worry--there is a happy ending for Trouty Mouth. Tired of being the hapless punching bag for Brittana shippers, Chord resigns from "Glee" to seek other opportunities. Conveniently, "Bachelor" Sean Lowe fractures his spine while coming out of the Murgalo, and has to withdraw from "Dancing With the Stars." Due to their physical resemblance, Chord replaces Sean and goes on to win the Mirrorball Trophy.

Chord's partnership with Peta Murgatroyd blossoms into romance, and they live happily ever after.

Wade/Unique Gets Brittany Pregnant In Order To Prove He's Not a Mercedes Clone

Sick of Brittany mistaking him for Mercedes (Amber Riley), Unique-as-Wade (Alex Newell) decides to seduce Brittany in order to prove once and for all that he's not a Mercedes clone.

Because girls can't get each other pregnant, Brittany doesn't think to use protection, so she ends up with a bun in the oven. When the baby comes out singing "Respect," Brittany just assumes that Mercedes had a sex change operation and is the father.

Brittany Leaves The Show, Paving the Way for "Quinntana" Endgame

Heather mentioned that she was eager to start a family with her boyfriend, even if it meant having to quit show business. As she explained, "I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue."

While we would miss Heather's fabulous comedic timing and rockin' dance moves, it's her life, and we'd have to respect her decision, even if it meant her leaving the show.

If Brittany's character were to be written out of the show, could Ryan Murphy open the door for a Quinntana endgame? In many ways, it would be a feisty and exciting match. Could a Quinn and Santana pairing provide a suitable alternative to Brittana?

How do you think the writers should handle Heather's pregnancy?

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