Glam Slam: Short Hair Not Sexy?

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Karlie Kloss long and short hair -- Getty Images / WireImage

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Karlie Kloss long and short hair -- Getty Images / WireImage

Did anyone think Julianne Hough looked less sexy when she cut off her long hair into a choppy bob? How about when Rihanna lost the hair extensions for a cute pixie do?

Apparently when it comes to sexy Victoria's Secret models, long hair is the only way to go. VS model Karlie Kloss, who cut her hair into a blunt bob, appears in the latest lingerie campaign with the new do and fans are upset, according to the Daily Mail.

Comments include saying the style "isn't sexy," "librarian hair" and "Mall of America hair." Ouch!

This is nothing new though. Women and their hair have been a hot topic for thousands of years. Remember Samson and Delilah- LOL?!

And for a lingerie company like Victoria's Secret, the signature look is as much about the sexy, tousled long locks and killer bodies as much as the lingerie; but I can understand how fans have come to associate and expect a certain look with the brand. Former VS models Giselle Bundchen and Heidi Klum are known for their sexy manes as much as their VS angel wings!

As for me, I think short hair IS sexy. I think less about the length than what the person exudes: sexy is about confidence and inner-beauty. And I think Karlie Kloss looks gorgeous no matter how long or short her hair is.

-- Ryan Patterson

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