'Girls' Stars Tease Season 2

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'Girls' Stars Tease Season 2

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'Girls' Stars Tease Season 2

Earlier this month, Girls creator and star Lena Dunham said that season two was going to get "messy" and gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at filming on the all-new episodes.

VIDEO - Girls Season 2 Preview

And with the show nominated for 5 Emmys, all the stars were out in full-force this weekend -- especially at the HBO Emmy after-party, which is where I caught up with Zosia Mamet & Allison Williams to find out what next season holds for Shoshanna & Marnie!

"Shoshanna gets a chance to stretch her legs a little bit more in season two," Zosia tells TheInsider.com. "Our show is a coming of age tale, so all the characters are growing up, but I feel like Shoshanna is [growing up] more than the other characters. Not to sound like a cliche Hallmark card, but in season two, she's beginning to find her voice a bit more."

Personal growth was a big buzzword for Allison also, who tells me that Marnie really forges her own path this year. Which is sadly done, for the most part, without her best friend Hanna. "It's sad not to be sitting next to her in most of my scenes this season," Allison says of the friendship-ending fight season one ended on. "But thankfully [Lena's] always there because she's the boss of the show, so she was just behind the camera most of the time."

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For much of season two, Lena was aiming the camera at Allison and guest star Rita Wilson, who will play Marnie's mom. "They have a very contentious relationship," Allison says of their mother-daughter dynamic. "It's so complicated and there's so much resentment, which is funny because I know Rita in real life and we're very close, so to act like we had this contentious relationship was really bizarre."

And while neither Zosia nor Allison would comment on their character's love lives (no word yet on whether Skylar Astin or Jorma Taccone will return this season), it seems likely given the ever-expanding reality Girls exists within. "Now that we've established the world of the show, we get to go deep into the characters this season and everyone radiates out," Allison says. "We continue to interact with one another in believable ways, but all the characters forge their own paths this year."

Girls returns to HBO in January 2013.

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