Geraldo Rivera Says 70 Is the New 50: Other Celebs Who’ve Posted Strange Selfies

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Geraldo Rivera Says 70 Is the New 50: Other Celebs Who’ve Posted Strange Selfies

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Geraldo Rivera may have turned 70 earlier this month, but he seems to think he's still 50 and fabulous. The controversial news journalist recently posted a semi-nude picture of himself on Twitter and added the caption: "70 is the new 50. Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age..."

The Fox news regular, who wore nothing but a towel and rose-colored glasses in the pic, later took the photo down, but we all know an Internet imprint is forever.

Meanwhile, Geraldo joins these celebs in the Selfie Hall of Shame:

Demi Moore

In 2011, Demi Moore was a girl gone wild - on Twitter! Not only did the 50-year-old mom of three post bikini shots of herself online, but she went topless and posted a bizarre back shot with the caption: "'ve got your own back."

Justin Bieber

Earlier this year, the "Boyfriend" singer was rushed to the hospital after complaining of shortness of breath while perfuming a concert in London. But the teen idol turned the impromptu ER visit into a photo op when he tweeted a shirtless pic of himself from his hospital bed with a special message to his fans: "Thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. Best fans in the world. Figuring out what happened. Thanks for the love."

Courtney Love

And talk about "Celebrity Skin." Hole lead singer Courtney Love has a long history of Twitter troubles (her own daughter once declared that Twitter should ban her mother), but in 2010 the outrageous rocker took things to another level when she "accidentally" posted a series of racy photos of herself online. According to the New York Daily News, one week after Love tweeted a photo of herself sitting in a chair wearing nothing but a thong, she wrote, "I'm off Twitter, that photo was meant for a boy friend." Unfortunately, that wasn't the last we saw of the singer on Twitter, as the social networking site seems to be a hard habit for her to break.

Chris Brown

In 2012, the bad boy rapper showed off his smoking skills in a wacky pic that featured him smoking some wacky tobacky. The scene took place in an Amsterdam "cannabis coffee shop," while Brown's Instagram pic showed him with three marijuana joints in his mouth with the caption: "Oh don't worry. It's medicinal!! Lol."

Kim Kardashian

Earlier this year, a pregnant Kim Kardashian posted a bizarre pic that she took while undergoing an acupuncture treatment. While her makeup was flawless, it was marred by a bevy of needles that were stuck in her ears, cheeks and brows. "Oh just relaxing...," the reality TV star wrote. Now that her baby with Kanye West has arrived, let's hope the new mama's Twitpics start to feature more North than needles.

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