George Lucas Turns 68, Plus What We Think He Should Do Next

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The man who gave us "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" is turning 68 years old today. Few filmmakers can claim to have had the impact not just on movies, but on culture at large, like George Lucas. Through his cinematic projects, Lucas has forever influenced science-fiction story telling on the silver screen, as well as inspired countless artists to enter the business of making movies.

There are also very few auteurs who could spark so much controversy, debate and vitriol. Super-fans of his space saga franchise especially feel wronged by him, thanks to years of constant touch-ups, special editions and changes to the original "Star Wars" trilogy that is so beloved by many. It's truly become a love-hate relationship between the disenfranchised fans and their fallen hero.

In light of his birthday, we thought we'd give George some suggestions on what he can take on next.

Hand Over the Goods, George - One thing fans have been clamoring for is a digitally restored, but otherwise pristine version of his first three "Star Wars" films. Lucas has made claims that the negative was destroyed in the first big restoration job that was performed on the print, but it's hard to believe a copy or two wasn't made before they dove into the job at hand. He even put original versions of the films in a set of DVDs he released a few years ago, but strangely they were not on the Blu Ray set that came out last year. All we ask George is that he find it in his heart to give fans those old school treasures his fans desperately want to own.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself, George - It's time for Lucas to once and for all step away from the editing bay and leave the first trilogy alone. It's become a sort of joke now, the number of times he's gone back in and "fixed" elements of the films that put George's film career on the map. With each successive cut, tweak, deletion or change, he alters another important aspect of so many people's lives. It's time for him to call those films "done" and maybe focus on some other projects.

"Howard the Duck Part II" - Are we seriously suggestion that Lucas make a sequel to one of the most maligned flops of all time? Yes, yes we are. In 1986, George co-produced "Howard the Duck," a film based on a lesser-known Marvel comics character and it tanked gloriously. Maybe more than twenty-five years later, Lucas could bring this character back to the big screen. Clearly he won't do this, so maybe George should also consider just not making any more "Indiana Jones" movies. One less nuclear-blast escape in a refrigerator is fine by us.

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