George Clooney and Other Celebs with Their Own Alcohol Brands

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Is there anything George Clooney cannot do? The activist and Oscar-winning actor is partnering with Cindy Crawford's husband, Randy Gerber, to release a new brand of tequila. The South of the Border beverage, named Casamigos, will be relatively inexpensive, according to Gerber.

"We know we have a product we love and we drink, and other people will enjoy," Crawford's hubby said. "The product speaks for itself."

Celebrities are increasingly turning to alcohol brands to increase their ever-expanding brands. Who else is either promoting or making their own booze?


Rapper and actor Ludacris is doing more than music these days - he's doing quite a bit of acting and even promoting his own brand of cognac, Conjure. Luda wants fans to know that he's not just repping the brand, even though he spends copious amounts of time shilling it on Twitter.

"It's not just me attaching my name to it," he said after the launch. "Whenever I involve myself in a business, I submerge myself in it...Hard work pays off."

Conjure goes for a relatively inexpensive $34.99 a bottle and has now spread around the world, including into Asia and Africa.


Hip hop mogul Diddy was one of the first rappers to put his stamp of approval on some alcohol. The Bad Boy head put Ciroc vodka on the map a few years ago and is even contemplating expanding into tequila.

A recent advertisement for Ciroc showed Diddy in a Rat Pack-esque group of guys. He recently told AdWeek that he had the blessing of the Frank Sinatra estate for the series of ads. Why Sinatra? Well, he thinks the comparisons between him and Ol' Blue Eyes is pretty apparent.

For years, people have called me the black Sinatra. So that's where the whole collaboration came from," he told the industry paper. Eh, we're not buying that one.


You might recognize Pitbull's vodka Voli from his incessant name checking in his song with Marc Anthony, "Rain Over Me." The Miami-based rapper said that he signed on with the brand of low-calorie fruit and fusion-flavored vodkas in 2011 because it's something he really believes in.

"That's why I got involved with Voli," he told the Los Angeles Times. "It's in a market where it's needed and everybody wants it."

Carlos Santana

Iconic guitarist Carlos Santana set himself apart from the celebrity-endorsed booze pack when he released Santana DVX wine a few years ago. The wine - made from Napa Valley grapes - is aged in French oak barrels and has "beautiful floral aromas, a mild nutty bouquet and a creamy palate with a long finish." The wine goes for $55 with a portion of the proceeds going toward his Milagro Foundation.

He's also venturing into the tequila world with a partnership with Casa Noble Tequila. Why tequila? It goes back to his Mexican heritage, he said.

"Just like the music of Santana, one note or one drop...they are the same thing. You have to feel each note from your heart."

Do you drink any celebrity-endorsed alcohol?

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