George Clooney Calls it Quits with Girlfriend Stacy Keibler -- Break-Up Clues She Overlooked

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George Clooney Calls it Quits with Girlfriend Stacy Keibler -- Break-Up Clues She Overlooked

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George Clooney, Stacy Keibler

It was fun while it lasted? This is likely what people are saying about the two-year romance of George Clooney and actress/model Stacy Keibler, that has now come to an end. Hollywood's most eligible bachelor has never been shy about courting his women. But the once-married superstar's leading ladies will tell you that hanging onto Clooney is like trying to catch a slippery fish with your bare hands. This time, hectic schedules are reportedly to blame for the amicable split. And while Keibler (at least publicly) claims that the two will remain close friends, we can't help but wonder if she knew her time with the "Ocean's Thirteen" star was limited. Here are some clues that she might have overlooked that lead to the split.

He has a 2-year relationship "window."

Although, George has dated a string of lovely women, his last two relationships both ended within two years. His romance with cocktail waitress Sara Larson (whom he dated until 2008) barely made it a year. Elisabetta Canalis took her place in 2009. But their very "difficult and personal" breakup in 2011 sent her to the ballroom of "DWTS" -- and ultimately into the arms of a man who couldn't be more Clooney's opposite: "Jackass" star, Steve-O. George is more than capable of having a relationship that lasts more than 730 days. But it should also be noted that his first (and according to him, his last) marriage only had a four-year life span.

He dumps his ladies in the summer.

If Stacy was also paying attention to the seasons, she might have realized that a break-up was coming. His last two dalliances ended during summer months. Larson barely entered the honeymoon phase with the dashing actor before their romance fizzled in May of 2008. Canalis did a little better by making it to June of 2011. However for Stacy, her break-up with Clooney might be a double-edged sword; their romance both started and ended in the month of July.

His break-ups arrive before the launch of a big movie.

Actors like George Clooney (who also dominate Hollywood behind the camera) always seem to have a huge project hanging in the wings. But for some reason, his romantic splits coincide with the release of one of his blockbuster films. Critical smash "Burn After Reading" was released in early September, just months after he broke up with Sara Larson. Although Oscar-nominated film "The Ides of March" was officially released in the U.S. in October, it hit the Venice Film Festival only a few months after he and Elisabetta called it quits. "The Monuments Men" (in which he stars with Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett) isn't set for release until December of 2013. But considering the movie's lofty reputation, some might say splitting from Keibler was in the cards.

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