Freida Pinto Gets Sexy for Esquire

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Freida Pinto Gets Sexy for Esquire

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Freida Pinto Gets Sexy for Esquire

The usually modest Freida Pinto (she got a body double for her nude scene in last year's Immortals) is raising a lot of eyebrows with her recent super-sexy photo shoot for Esquire UK, where the beautiful actress is photographed showing off her toned stomach and pulling down her shirt in just a few of the racy photos.

In the new interview she gives her thoughts on going nude for a scene, which she does for her new film Trishna, an Indian reworking of Tess of the Durbevilles.

"If you're just doing a nude scene in order for everyone to, like, w*** off or something, then that's not my thing at all," she says bluntly.

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But thankfully, her recent experience on Trishna wasn't a terribly uncomfortable one.

"It was hard but it was a small crew, and they were good at not making their presence felt. They didn't go, 'Quick! She's nearly naked! Get your camera out!'," she says.

The 26-year-old actress is currently living with her boyfriend actor Dev Patel, and she reveals the story of his instant attraction to her, when he handpicked her to be his costar in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire.

"They asked him, 'Out of the girls, who would you take on a date?'," she recalls about the casting. "And apparently he said me."

To check out more of Freida's sexy shots, click here.

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