Frankie Muniz Opens Up About Stroke on Birthday: Why He Should Be Happy Despite His Health Scare

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Frankie Muniz Opens Up About Stroke on Birthday: Why He Should Be Happy Despite His Health Scare

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Happy Birthday Frankie Muniz.

Actor Frankie Muniz is celebrating a birthday today, but chances are he is more concerned with his recent health scare. The "Malcolm in the Middle" star, who turned 27 on December 5, revealed that he was recently hospitalized due to a "mini-stroke." The actor first shared his health news on Twitter, and later gave some details on "Good Morning America" about just how scary the experience was. "I couldn't say words," he said. "I thought I was saying them! My fiancé was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language." While being alive is more than enough reason to celebrate a birthday, Frankie has other reasons to smile. Here are a few other things that he can celebrate today.

He's happy in his love life

A little more than a year ago, Frankie popped the question to longtime girlfriend Elycia Turnbow. Naturally, the star was thrilled at the time of the announcement, tweeting "After 4 years together, I'm so happy to be ENGAGED to the love of my life @ElyciaMarie!!!" They have yet to walk down the aisle, but all signs point to them being perfectly happy together. Luckily, Elycia was there when Frankie's stroke symptoms became noticeable. His future bride is one supportive lady.

He recently played himself on TV

Frankie just made a guest appearance on the sitcom "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23." Following in the footsteps of the show's star James Van Der Beek, Frankie played a fake version of himself. The actor appeared in the second season premiere on October 23, where he's stalked in a market by James' character. In a funny scene, the fictional Frankie balks at the idea in which their famous TV characters join together for a reunion. Watching him feel increasingly uncomfortable was easily the highlight of the episode.

He's in a band

Did you know that Frankie is involved in music? The actor has been into drumming for a couple of years, and he was thrilled at the chance to join the Pennsylvania-based band Kingsfoil this past summer. Even with his fame, the star still had to audition before landing the gig. "When I went to the audition I literally told the guys, 'I don't know how you write all these great songs.' It's like I've listened to 25 of their songs. And there's not one that I go 'That's a weak link.' They're all really good." Despite his medical setback, Frankie plans to be with the band when they perform this weekend.

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