Frances Bean Cobain Takes Charge of Her Dad's Affairs: Plus Hollywood's Most Responsible Kids

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Frances Bean Cobain is all grown up and has taken full control of her life. The only child of iconic 90s couple Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love has quietly been controlling her late father's business affairs for nearly two years.

"Entertainment Weekly" recently dug up the details of Courtney Love's custody battle for Frances back in 2009. The court documents reveal that the teen took control of her dad's name, likeness, and appearance rights in 2010. Gaining control of her dad's stuff came at a hefty price with the teen paying out her mom $2.75 million through her own trust fund. The money is reportedly a loan to the former Hole front-woman, but until she repays her daughter she gets no input into Kurt's business affairs.

Frances and her mom have had a very difficult relationship over the years. The official end of their legal relationship occurred in late 2009 when the famous celebrity daughter asked the court to assign her paternal grandmother an aunt to be her guardians. It was later reported that a judge had issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Love from having and contact with her daughter. The duo most recently battled over allegations from Love that Foo Fighters front-man David Grohl had hit on her daughter which resulted in a very vocal denial from her daughter.

With her move to take control of her dad's assets, Frances joins a growing flock of grown up celebrity kids who are proving more responsible than their parents. Here are a few of Hollywood's most responsible kids:

Drew Barrymore: For some inspiration on how to grow up more responsible than mom and dad, Frances doesn't have to look much further than her godmother Drew Barrymore. She may have spent her teen years partying hard and landed in rehab at the ripe old age of thirteen, but the actress found her stride in her 20's. All it took to calm her down was a decision to file for emancipation from her mother Jaid Barrymore at the age of 15.

Macaulay Culkin: He was at the height of his fame throughout the early 1990s before "retiring" from acting at the age of fourteen. After becoming famous in the "Home Alone" films, the actor had difficulty making the transition to teen star. Through the high points of his fame, his dad served as Mac's manager and gained a reputation as a vocal stage dad. At the age of 14, his parents decided to separate and launched a very public custody battle for their seven children. He ultimately took both of his parents to court in 1997 to gain control of his earnings. The actor has since mended his relationship with his mom, but remains estranged from his father.

Leighton Meester: She may play the ultimate society princess on "Gossip Girl," but the actress had a rough start in life. The "Country Strong" star was born while her mother was serving time in federal prison for her involvement in a drug smuggling ring. The duo reunited when her mom was released and the actress claims to have had a relatively normal childhood. Things took a nasty turn last July when both women filed lawsuits against each other regarding Meester's ongoing financial support of her younger brother. In her suite, the star claims that the funds she is sending for her brother's care were being misused by her mom. Her mom dropped her claim against her daughter and the actress won a default judgement against her mother. She is now reportedly seeking custody of her 17-year-old brother who has multiple medical problems.

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