Four Things that Fascinate Us About Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Reunion

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Four Things that Fascinate Us About Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Reunion

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There's no getting around the ongoing storyline of Chris Brown and Rihanna. The lovebirds' blatant reunion will be the talk of the town for the foreseeable future. But even though rumors of their explosive break-up have pervaded the press since 2009, their reunion seems to be sparking lots of mixed emotions. Their reconciliation is perhaps one of the most fascinating events of 2012, and here's why.

Have they truly gotten past the violence?

It seems like what we really want to know is whether Rihanna has truly gotten past Brown's violent tendencies. She's definitely forgiven him. But we also imagine that she might entertain one or two anxious thoughts anytime she's in his company. Few people will ever know what it's like to have a loved one inflict pain and injury upon them. It's only natural that we're curious about whether she has any latent fears.

Why is everyone being so quiet about this pair's reunion?

The 2009 beating incident created such an impact in Hollywood that it seems more of her colleagues would have an opinion about whether or not she should date Chris Brown again. But the exact opposite appears to be true. It's almost as if Hollywood's celebs are afraid to give their true opinions, preferring instead to remain neutral on their reconciliation. Typically opinionated Patti Stanger thinks Rihanna should privately re-evaluate the future of their relationship. And Oprah flat-out refuses to judge the singer's decision at all, but offers her support anyway.

Is she really sharing Chris?

Brown has been candid about the fact that he loves his ex-girlfriend, Karreuche Tran and Rihanna. even reported that the ladies had reached some sort of agreement in which they will "share" the R&B crooner. This is certainly the kind of fodder the public has a hard time believing. However, considering the carefree nature of both artists, there is probably little they could do to surprise us.

Is Chris pressuring her for cosmetic surgery?

As if the rumors surrounding their reunion weren't enough, another story has surfaced alleging that Chris thinks she should have a breast enhancement. Some gossip sites allude to his "controlling" behavior. Others imply that the "Disturbia" singer would do just about anything to make him happy. Since we can only believe so much of what we read, this little story may dissolve as quickly as it materialized. But if it bears a grain of truth, you can bet we'll make a big deal of it.

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