Four Things You Didn't Know About the 'Saturday Night Live' Finale

Mozart, Gaga and 4am Geniuses

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Justin Timberlake is working his way up to the iconic hosting status of perennial "Saturday Night Live" favorites like Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. While best known for his iconic, Emmy Award winning "D--- in a Box" sketch with Andy Samberg, Timberlake has racked up more than a few hilarious comedy moments on the late night comedy show. Joined by Lady Gaga for the season finale, Timberlake can now add "highest rated 'SNL' finale in 7 years" to his hosting resume. Here are four things you might not have heard about the last, and possibly funniest, episode of the season.

The Sketch That Didn't Air...but Should Have

Fans of Timberlake, "Saturday Night Live" and Justin Bieber have all been buzzing about the Timberlake sketch that didn't make it into the finale. The pop star played the genius musician Mozart, embarking on an acting career, much to the dismay of his friends. Sound familiar? This hilarious self-lampoon by Timberlake also included a zinger on "Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber": "Why don't you just put a wig on a chipmunk and train it to act like a black man?" Even Time magazine lamented the loss of this edgier sketch in a night of retreads, calling the finale "one cut short of awesome."

Timberlake and Samberg, 4am Geniuses

A highlight of the finale was the "Three-way" sketch with Timberlake, Samberg and Gaga. Asked how this third installment of the "D--- in a Box" series was created, Timberlake explained on CSN Chicago radio that he and the Lonely Island guys "sit up in the writer's room on the 17th floor of 30 Rock until 4am every morning until we're loopy enough to come up with something as ludicrous as the three we've come up with."

Gaga Doesn't Get It

After all that they've done on "Saturday Night Live," it's tough to imagine Samberg or Timberlake being shy about anything, especially when in pursuit of comedy gold. Gaga did a radio interview of her own, however, and shared the story of the two musical thespians stammering their way awkwardly through the pitch for their latest digital short idea. Apparently it doesn't matter how much of a celebrity you are, or how relaxed you are when performing for millions of viewers, it's still tough to ask Lady Gaga to join you for a threesome.

The best part of the story is that Gaga had no trouble with the sex; she just wasn't so sure about the comedy. ""I said, 'I mean I'll do it but I don't get why it's funny.' And they're like 'It's a three-way. We want to do a three-way.'" Perhaps once you've performed simulated sex on a mountain on the "American Idol" stage and "given birth" to some gold glitter on "Saturday Night Live," you don't really get how rattled straight men get over things like "It's not gay if it's a three-way."

Will Timberlake Join Gaga Again?

Fans were expecting Gaga to turn up in at least one sketch with Justin Timberlake on the finale, but she turned up in three. She showed some comedic skill, particularly in the "What's That Name?" sketch, which was the biggest step outside her musical/theatrical comfort zone. Gaga confirmed to the ladies on "The View" that she's already in talks with NBC to host her very own episode of "Saturday Night Live." The obvious question is, will Justin Timberlake be on as musical guest, or has he completely transitioned from musician Mozart to actor Mozart?

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