Four Things We Didn’t Know About Tori Spelling Until Her Fourth Memoir

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Four Things We Didn’t Know About Tori Spelling Until Her Fourth Memoir

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With three previous memoirs penned, we thought we knew everything there was to know about Tori Spelling. But the actress-turned-entrepreneur is dropping new bombshells in her fourth tell-all, "Spelling It Like It Is." Here are four things we didn't know about Tori Spelling... until her fourth memoir.

She's broke as a joke

Sure, she's talked about money in her previous books, "sTORI Telling," "Mommywood," and "Unchartered TerriTORI," but this time Tori may have given us TMI. In addition to revealing that her passion for fashion (namely Gucci) has contributed to her money woes, the poor little rich girl now admits that her real estate compulsion has put her family in serious debt: "You heard of those people who flip houses to make money?" she wrote. "We were the opposite: flippers who lost major sums of money on every transaction. My restlessness would be our financial ruin."

How much ruin? Tori dished (and this is the TMI part) that she and hubby Dean McDermott were advised by their business manager that they couldn't even afford for Dean to get a vasectomy. Considering that they already have five kids (Liam, 6, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, Finn, 14 months, and Jack, 15, Dean's son from a previous marriage), this is one expense they may need to budget for!

By the way, an obviously mortified Dean clarified his wife's vasectomy quote. In an interview with Access Hollywood he said, "I went to [a] particular doctor because he's the best at [vasectomy] reversals and he doesn't take insurance and the estimate was pretty high. We told the business manager and he's like, 'That's a lot, that's a lot.' So I didn't pursue it." He later told Us Weekly that yes, he could "probably" afford a vasectomy, and that right now the couple is on an uptick with several new projects in the works.

She lied about how she lost her baby weight

Earlier this year, Tori dished to Us Weekly about how she lost all of that weight after having back to back babies. Citing a low-fat diet of fish, veggies, soups, and healthy snacks like edamame, hummus, and avocado, she told the mag that she coupled her healthy diet with low-impact cardio and swimming to shed the post-baby pounds. But in her new book she tells a different story: "I really don't exercise much, period," she wrote. "So I took off my weight the old-fashioned way. I like to call it the Just Keep Your F--king Mouth Shut and Eat Air diet. It's all the rage."

She added: "My publicist had given me clear instructions about what to say about my weight loss. Women didn't want to know that I had lost weight through dieting, not exercising. I didn't want to be the a--hole who didn't work for it. So I said that I swam. It was sort of a bad choice. I can't do much more than a doggy paddle."

She's the star of a stolen sex tape

Move over, Kim and Paris. In "Spelling It Like It is," Tori also revealed that there's a sex tape of her and Dean floating around out there. In an excerpt from her book, Tori said the tape was made during a romantic Valentine's Day rendezvous in 2009: "'Dean said, 'We should tape ourselves having sex.' He had a little portable tripod, and he set up his video camera on it," she wrote. "Afterward, I checked my angles and they were good, so I allowed him to keep it."

But after uploading the vid to their home computer, a biker "friend" of Dean's copied the tape and was rumored to be shopping it around. While the couple sent the guy a cease and desist letter, Tori says he never responded: "We never heard from him again, and the incident went away," she wrote.

She doesn't have many famous friends

Her kids' birthday parties have included guests like RuPaul, Denise Richards and Ali Landry, but in her memoir Tori revealed that she doesn't hobnob with Hollywood hotshots: "I don't have many celebrity friends," she wrote. "I'm friends with Jenny from the west side." (Not to be confused with Jenny from the Block!)

Of course, Tori's lack of famous friendships isn't a total shocker. In her book, she ripped actress Katie Holmes after the former "Dawson's Creek" star snubbed her during a run-in at a vocal coach's house.

"I didn't know whether we should hug or shake hands," Tori wrote of the encounter. "But the signal from her was immediately clear: Don't even come close. I instantly got nervous. We clearly weren't going to catch up on the last ten years. And we certainly weren't going to talk about her husband, Tom Cruise ….She was just plastic…I thought, I know you're not a robot because you can't sing for s -- t ."

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