Four Reasons Why Javier Colon Won on '"The Voice"

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You probably had your favorite contestant picked out from the very beginning. And like that other singing reality show, the time has come to crown a voice of epic proportions. NBC found its Voice in Javier Colon, a doting family man with an easy grin and some awfully silky pipes. But in case you were wondering how Colon snagged "The Voice's" big prize, it's not really that hard to figure out.

He's just a nice guy.

The first thing that hits you about Javier Colon is that he's just a nice guy. We have every reason in the world to believe that his family plugs were all real. Nonetheless, each and every time the singer got teary-eyed, as he waxed poetic on the dedication to his wife and daughters, America's heart melted. Javier Colon had his champagne-and-confetti popping moment in front of millions of new fans. Let's face it. As much as pop culture celebrates the bad boy, we love rewarding the "good guys" for doing neat stuff.

"That boy can sang."

Like the other contestants, he's also an accomplished musician with a sturdy grip on who he is artistically. But more than that, Javier Colon can actually sing. And he does so quite well. His effortless falsetto is creamier than Jiffy peanut butter. (Could Adam Levine be a tad jealous?) The show is called "The Voice," after all; Colon's solid vocal chops were clearly a crowd favorite.

Let's talk about the other contestants...

Beverly McClelland revealed her remarkable chops early on in the season. And as much personality as she's got, there's something about her overall musical style that we've kind of seen before. It's called Melissa Etheridge. Vicci Martinez and her warrior dance are also impressive. Unfortunately, her voice wasn't a match for Javier's. Dia was the competition's "surprise"---a lovely and whimsical songwriting fairy; but her whisper-fresh sound sometimes got lost in the music. Clearly, Javier killed the competition.

He sang a duet with Stevie Nicks, for Goodness sakes.

The biggest hint that Javier would be the winner was the fact that he sang a duet with the legendary (and very well preserved) Stevie Nicks. Their duet, "Landslide," was surprisingly tender. Javier's sweet upper register combined with Stevie's graceful rasp proved to be a brilliant combination. (Taylor Swift, take notes.) Even Adam Levine got a little misty, calling the performance the "coolest thing [Javier's] ever done (outside of having kids.)"

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