Four Reasons Why Idris Elba is Hollywood’s New “It” Guy

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In Hollywood, his 6'5" frame is pretty hard to miss. But that's not the only reason British actor Idris Elba seems to be Tinseltown's new go-to guy. With just the right amount of ruggedness to be edgy, he's providing us more reasons to be fascinated with his presence in the industry. As People magazine's "100 Most Beautiful People in the World" in 2007, we should have known that he was well on his way. But topping the charts of sex appeal isn't his only claim to fame. The makings of an "It" Guy go a bit deeper…

But let's get the obvious out of the way…

When you cast someone in your film that many would consider the epitome of the term "tall, dark and handsome", you're already a few steps ahead in the game. Whether we like it or not, Tinseltown is all about the looks. His looks easily translate into Traditional Handsome Hero or Shady Villain--each with its own magnetism. Elba's malleable British accent also doesn't hurt.

He is a man of all genres.

There is literally no role that he can't fill on screen. He can do anything. Gangster, drug dealer, military General, limo driver, or a French monk---you name it, he'll sign up for the job. And his biggest role of all comes in the form of Janek, a character in "Prometheus"---the Ridley Scott mega-buster that threatens to make Elba even more of a household name.

What's interesting is that despite the variety in the roles he plays, his look remains relatively the same. It says a great deal about one's acting ability to move seamlessly from one character to another relying entirely upon intellect, rather than costuming.

He's a free thinker.

Although he was cast in one of Tyler Perry's major productions ("Daddy's Little Girls") he doesn't feel the need to stifle a few somewhat controversial opinions about the director's filming choices. Elba challenged the trend of cross-dressing in black culture, as well as the presence of black people in film as a whole. It takes a daring soul to approach sticky topics in Hollywood. But the "28 Weeks Later" star seems to have this ability under control.

Yet somehow, he stays out of the spotlight…

You can likely find a few kernels of his private life if you dig deeply enough. Still, somehow we feel like we can't believe everything that we read. In short, The "American Gangster" actor isn't one to wear his private life on his sleeve. We don't think of him as a popular DJ although this is also a label he wears (DJ Big Driis). Teaming up with hip-hop giants like Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes, he's no stranger to the "biz." Check out his musical roster, and you just might be surprised.

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