Four Reasons Heidi Klum and Seal’s Divorce Will Upset the Universe

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Heidi and Seal have wear some of the best Halloween costume in Hollywood.

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Heidi and Seal have wear some of the best Halloween costume in Hollywood.

We never thought we'd hear of the day that supermodel Heidi Klum filed for divorce from English soul crooner, Seal. Nonetheless, here we are-punched by the devastation that has beset another seemingly happy Hollywood couple. Apparently, the leggy blonde has filed for divorce from her famous Englishman. And our hearts skip a beat at the prospect. We know that it happens to the best of them. Along with Santa and the Easter Bunny, this extraordinary union was the one freak of nature that we were prepared to wholeheartedly believe in. If you're like the rest of the world, you're probably feeling pretty wobbly about the news of their impending divorce. And here's why.

They're both repulsively stunning…

There is a reason why they quickly became one of Hollywood's most beloved couples. Splitting up the gene pool in this little family is enough to make us sad. Is it shallow to admit that we love certain pairings if for no other reason than how they compliment each other on the red carpet? Yes. 'Tis a shame that we shall see no more of that.

Those Halloween costumes…

Year after year we've come to love the anticipation of this couple's Halloween costumes. Often quirky, frequently daring---they've set the bar pretty high where it concerns standing out from the pack. The Victoria's Secret model and her sexy singer took trick-or-treating to a new level with their insanely creative costumes. Their shared kookiness we shall forever miss each year.

They made us believe in love…

Yep, I know it sounds corny. But for some reason we loved seeing Heidi prattle on about her effervescent marriage to the hunky singer. These two complimented each other better than peanut butter and jelly. They had the look that just said: "we work." As usual, we'll glean what details we can from the ensuing stories to come, without ever really knowing the whole truth (nor should we). Nonetheless dissolving their union with the ubiquitous "irreconcilable differences" seems like quite the convenient escape from the World's Greatest Love Affair.

"Take a number…"

Celebrity divorces have always part of Hollywood culture. But now their frequency has such an ominous presence. Many of our favorite couples have surprised us with news of their splits. Even the most convincing lovebirds are somehow ending up in the Celeb Split Hall of Shame. We never thought we would count the ever-smiling Heidi and Seal amongst the many who have thrown in the towel. But alas, they're apparently taking a number on Hollywood's long list of shocking splits.

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