Four Hilarious Reasons Why Benedict Cumberbatch Should Win the Emmy for 'Sherlock Holmes'

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Four Hilarious Reasons Why Benedict Cumberbatch Should Win the Emmy for 'Sherlock Holmes'

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Benedict Cumberbatch is Emmy-nominated for his role as Sherlock Holmes.

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated for an Emmy in the Leading Actor in a Made for TV Movie/Miniseries category. Those unfamiliar with his awards-worthy portrayal of Sherlock Holmes might recognize the tall, striking performer from his roles in "War Horse" and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy." While there's plenty that can be said in favor of Benedict's compelling, complex and nuanced performance in "A Scandal in Belgravia," some journalists and fans have chosen more unusual reasons for predicting his Emmy win.

He's British

Sure, there are quite a few Brits nominated for Emmys this year, including big screen stars like Clive Owen and Emma Thompson, and all those "Downton Abbey" folks. Charles Bright at Gold Derby feels this sort of thing is the reason Benedict could win: "The fact that it's a British performance might help with those snobbish Emmy voters," he writes. Those from across the pond have a habit of scooping up Oscars, so why not the Emmys, right?

Certainly some English, Irish, and Scottish actors have earned Emmy Awards in the past, but apparently the lead in a British series hasn't won in over a decade. An actor playing a character from his own homeland helps with authenticity, however, so we suppose being British might help him win after all.

A Fopping Good Performance

The Atlantic Wire has a different reason for predicting victory for the redhead-turned-brunette. "We'd guess that Cumberbatch will win," they venture, "for all of his charmingly mannered fussy fopping." What we would guess is that he will win for his ability to somehow add layers of thoughtfulness, vulnerability and warmth to a freakishly brilliant, creative and tenacious investigator who can work himself to the point of delirium, be blunt to the point of cruelty, and who often values the "game" more than the people, to the point of being sociopathic. And well...maybe a bit of fopping.

His Name is So Funny

Late night talk show hosts are hoping for a win for the "Sherlock" actor, because apparently his name is comedy gold. Jimmy Kimmel recently did a "Man on the Street" segment just to find out what Americans, probably with boring names like Bob Smith, guessed a Cumberbatch was. Benny may be surprised at how many of the answers were sex-related.

Amusing as it all is, it does prove that a win would be a good thing. All the Americans tuned in will also wonder what the heck a Cumberbatch is, and will find their way to the excellent "Sherlock" series. They'll also discover that the actor is set to appear in the new "Hobbit" and "Star Trek" films.

Open Mic

Blogger Nathaniel over at The Film Experience is hoping the up-and-coming star will use his chance at the microphone to "amusingly air his grievances with the new network Sherlock Holmes show." We think he should be careful, however, since a possible category change could have the two detectives competing next year for an Emmy. Even though "Elementary" star Jonny Lee Miller doesn't have an epically amusing name, it is spelled funny--and he is British.

Of course we don't really have to worry about any Sherlock diatribes, because in real life Cumberbatch is just as "charmingly mannered" as his character.

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