Four Absurd Reasons Why Jessica Simpson’s Pregnancy Seems so Long

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Every recent picture of Jessica Simpson finds her glowing with child. She and fiance Eric Johnson are thrilled with the impending arrival of their new baby. But with Jess toting around what looks like a few human beings, everyone's been wondering why her pregnancy seems to be lasting much longer than other celebs. With all the talk of celebrity publicity stunts, it might be fun to think of a few ridiculous reasons why the reality star/fashion mogul's pregnancy is like a never-ending saga.

She's already had the baby and is wearing a prosthetic tummy.

Why would she do this, you ask? With all the attention other pregnant celebs are getting, it makes sense that Jessica would want to stand out---literally, as the tabloids are having a great time pointing out how incredibly ripe Simpson looks. Maybe she already gave birth, and is milking these last baby bump moments for "professional reasons."

She's faking the entire pregnancy.

If you really want to get absurd, you could say that the "Fashion Star" judge faked the entire thing in order to fool not just fans, but her loving fiance as well. Sure, they seem happy on the outside. So does most of Hollywood. And although we have reason to believe that these two future newlyweds have anything but a loving union, she's had "a loving union" in the past that ended unfortunately. Why would she pretend to be having a baby? If you must ask, you've never watched a soap opera---a vehicle of entertainment in which women fake pregnancies to full term in order to stave off a possible break-up. (Yep, we did say absurd reasons…)

She's "extending" her pregnancy for a more convenient delivery date.

Science now dictates that a 'man' can give birth to a child. So why wouldn't it be feasible for Simpson to find a miracle doctor capable of safely extending a pregnancy to better accommodate the expectant parents' busy Hollywood schedule? Preposterous is perhaps just one word to describe any woman's desire to be more pregnant for a longer period of time. But Jessica's bright grin and winning mommy-to-be wardrobe might beg to differ.

She's not as pregnant as we thought she was.

You've got to admit that we've been riding Jess pretty hard about her fluctuating weight. She's graciously sloughed off most of that backlash. But what if she only more recently became pregnant and was using the "is she or isn't she" confusion to her advantage to hide a few extra pounds. (And you were wondering why she was keeping mum about her baby bump all that time.)

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