Fonzie’s ‘Happy Days’ Motorcycle for Sale: 5 Iconic TV Show Rides and Where They Are Now

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Fonzie’s ‘Happy Days’ Motorcycle for Sale: 5 Iconic TV Show Rides and Where They Are Now

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Henry Winkler and Ron Howard pose on "Happy Days."

The motorcycle that Fonzie rode on the 1970's sitcom, "Happy Days," is up for sale-- and you can own it if you have a spare $60,000 to $80,000.

The 1949 Triumph Trophy TR5, currently owned by motocross rider Bud Ekins, will be sold via auction on November 12 at Bonhams' Classic California Sale.

The bike was the subject of many of "Happy Days'" most classic episodes. But actor Henry Winkler didn't actually use it to jump over 14 trash cans; that was done by a stunt double (Winkler may have played cool on TV, but in real life he didn't ride.)

According to the New York Times, the cycle has seen happier days: The speedometer is smashed, it's rusted, has a saggy seat and it hasn't even run since the 1970s.

Still, Fonzie's motorcycle was one of the most iconic rides ever on TV.

Now, do you remember these?

KITT-- "Knight Rider"

The 1982 Pontiac Trans Am that David Hasselhoff made famous in the 1980's series, "Knight Rider," could talk, jump and, yes, drive itself. KITT even sported a tear gas launcher and flame thrower mode. Luckily the Hoff's character, Michael Knight, had a remote control wristwatch to keep supercomputer KITT at bay. While a talking replica of KITT was once an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, one of the original KITT cars (there were several used on the series) was long on display at the cars of the Stars Motor Museum in England (the museum has since closed). Hasselhoff has also reunited with KITT over the years, making appearances with his beloved car on everything from "America's Got Talent" to "WWE Monday Night Raw."Oh, and Joey Fatone owns one too.

The General Lee-- "The Dukes of Hazzard"

Who can forget the orange 1969 Dodge Charger with the sporty "01" painted on the side? Bo and Like Duke, played by the hunky John Schneider and Tom Wopat, flew airborne over the roads of Hazzard County in this totally retro-- and recognizable-- ride. In 2003, "Dukes" superfan Travis Bell painstakingly restored the very first Charger used in the series. This was clearly a labor of love.

The Striped Tomato-- "Starsky and Hutch"

The bright red two-door 1975 Ford Gran Torino with the white stripe was dubbed "The Striped Tomato" on this 70's series about undercover Southern California cops. Sure, The Tomato may have been pretty noticeable on the streets of Bay City (inconspicuous much, fellas?), but somehow these guys still managed to take a bite out of crime. Meanwhile, the show was so popular that in 1976 Ford introduced a limited edition Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino. 1000 lucky drivers were instantly as cool as TV's hottest crime-solving duo.

Patchwork-Painted Tour Bus-- "The Partridge Family"

Come on, get happy! Television's early 1970's bubblegum-singing family had to get to their gigs somehow. Enter an abstract-painted, Mondrian-inspired , 1957 Chevrolet bus -- complete with a "Careful Nervous Mother Driving" warning on the back side. According to TV Acres, the original "Partridge Family" bus was junked in 1987, although replicas have popped up at Universal Studios and on a David Cassidy revival tour.

1983 GMC Vandura G15 -- "The A Team"

Pity the fool who messes with this ride! Mr. T's menacing metallic striped van was packing-- not to mention its mag wheels and red rooftop spoiler! While the over-the-top action on this show was cartoonish, this ride was serious business. One of the movie-version "A Team" vans was on display at the New York Auto Show last year.

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