'Flight' Opens Strong for Denzel Washington: His Biggest Box Office Openings so Far

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'Flight' Opens Strong for Denzel Washington: His Biggest Box Office Openings so Far

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Denzel Washington had a big opening weekend with his new movie, "Flight."

It was another big weekend at the box office for Denzel Washington. The Oscar-winning star saw his highly anticipated movie "Flight" open with a little more than $25 million. That wasn't nearly enough to beat out the animated hit "Wreck It Ralph," but it was a very solid performance for a lengthy, R-rated movie. Given Denzel's box office clout, we shouldn't be surprised. Despite the high gross, the opening weekend for "Flight" ranks just fifth among the actor's movie openings. Here is a look at Denzel's biggest domestic box office openings so far.

"American Gangster" - $43,565,115

Denzel doesn't get all of the credit of this hit movie, which was based on real-life gangster Frank Lucas. Denzel headlined the movie with Russell Crowe, another Oscar winner with serious box office power. On top of that, the film was directed by Ridley Scott. With these three working together, there was little chance that this movie wouldn't open big. The movie went on to gross more than $130 million, certifying it as Denzel's most successful movie in terms of box office dollars.

"Safe House" - $40,172,720

As it turns out, "Flight" wasn't even Denzel's biggest movie in 2012. That honor belongs to this movie, which opened with more than $40 million in February. That's a massive amount of money for a month that isn't known for big ticket sales. The action-packed CIA thriller went on to pull down $126 million, making it the biggest opening for the actor in the last five years.

"The Book of Eli" - $32,789,494

This post-apocalyptic epic featured Denzel as a wondering man tasked with delivering an important book. The plot was somewhat reminiscent of Kevin Costner's massive flop "The Postman," but the execution was much better. Thanks to Denzel's performance, the movie went on to complete a successful box office run. The reviews were mixed, but most would agree that this movie was much better than Costner's futuristic tale.

"Inside Man" - $28,954,945

Denzel has worked with Spike Lee on several films, but this 2006 drama was their most successful. The movie featured talented actors Clive Owen and Jodie Foster, but Denzel was the main attraction. He plays a detective investigating a bank robbery in the taut, mysterious film. Lee once hinted at a possible sequel, but announced that those plans were scrapped.

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