Five Ways Celebrity Kids Surprised Us in 2011

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Gwen Stefani, mother of Kingston Rossdale

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Gwen Stefani, mother of Kingston Rossdale

Hollywood's favorites are always finding ways to shock their fans. And it seems they've passed this trait on down to their offspring. Celebrity kids are making headlines as much as their parents these days…for all sorts of fascinating things. Here are a few ways that these famous "littles" have surprised us. Kids do the darndest things…

Cross Dressing Kids

Of all things for which we expect child stars to make headlines, cross-dressing is probably way down on the bottom of the list. But leave it to little tykes like Kingston Rossdale and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to appear on said list. The offspring of Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie, respectively are just as popular for their style as they are for their famous parents. Kingston has been seen rocking nail polish on fingers and toes; Shiloh prefers "boy-wear" to the frilly frocks her sister Zahara wears. Go figure!

Justin Bieber: Star of "Teen Dad"?

Because of his intense star status, we forget that Justin Bieber is still technically a "kid." We expect teen heartthrobs to make the headlines for one reason or another. But paternity suits usually don't come immediately to mind. Justin came under fire in late 2011 for allegedly having a backstage tryst with fan Mariah Yeater and (allegedly) fathering her child.

Lourdes "Lola" Leon Becomes a Fashion Mogul

Any children of Madonna are prime candidates for celebrity headline fare. As such, you can pretty much expect that Madge's veritable Mini-Me would be under constant scrutiny. In 2010, Madonna introduced us to Material Girl, the clothing line. Based on the funky layers that are the collection's trademark, the singer's personal stamp is pretty obvious. But somehow in 2011, Lourdes Leon (who co-designs) has become synonymous with the line; it's practically her baby now.

Fastest Celebrity Kid Growth Spurt: Malia Obama, First Daughter

Only in Celebrity World do children seem to grow up overnight. But no child seems to have grown more than President Obama's daughter, Malia. The First Daughter turned 13 in 2011, and is nearly her parents' height. How's that for a growth spurt?

Michael Jackson's Kids are All Over the Place

One thing that the late pop king Michael Jackson was noted for was his intense desire for privacy. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that everywhere you turn one or all of his children are making public appearances. Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket seem to have become Hollywood's Most Beloved Celebrity Offspring, and have been popping up at award shows, tributes, and just about everywhere else you can think of. And we love it.

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