Five Things We Should Probably Find Disturbing About Christina Aguilera’s 'Your Body' Video

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Five Things We Should Probably Find Disturbing About Christina Aguilera’s 'Your Body' Video

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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera lives in the sexiest trailer park of all time, at least according to the newly released music video for "Your Body," from her upcoming studio album, "Lotus." The eye candy in this musical affair could probably give you a toothache. Fans and critics are raving over the provocative, bubble-gum colored, man-eating rampage upon which Christina embarks. Shaking up audiences with her sex appeal is nothing new to the feisty singer. While we're pondering the controversy surrounding the video's "playful" violence, there are perhaps other things about "Your Body" that we should find a bit disturbing….


The video begins with a great big black and white warning sign, with a statement that reads: "No men were harmed in the making of this video." If no men were harmed, why is she warning us?

She burned her luggage.

Hitchhiking along a desert highway, Xtina poses with one pink stiletto heel propped seductively atop her aqua suitcase. Her knight in shining hooptie arrives to save the day. She loves him, leaves him, and then sets her lover's car on fire. There's just one problem. She walks away from the giant pink blaze without her cute little suitcase. Hopefully it was empty.

A Holiday Video?

According to Xtina's calendar, it's February. But outside her trailer, she still has Christmas lights hanging and a fake snowman in the yard. Apparently, the sexy siren has more on her agenda than preparing for Valentine's Day.


This femme fatale's fruity "Bits and Pieces" cereal is just one of many fake products setting the stage. However, her trusty psychic advisor reps a very real website. boasts a huge network of "tested psychics" offering their expertise…for a small fee. Any number of product plugs could have been shoved into this kitschy romp. That the psychic website is featured significantly throughout the video makes us wonder exactly what Christina is trying to tell us.

The Blue Goo

Following a flirty game of pool in a bar, she leads her next victim into the men's room for a steamy tryst. After ravishing him she exits, leaving the bathroom stall splattered in bright blue goo. Considering the look of this public restroom, any number of fluids could be hanging out in there. Yet Christina leaves triumphantly, wiping the blue remnants from her mouth. She doesn't even wash her hands.

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