Five Things Overshadowing Lindsay Lohan’s 'Liz & Dick' Premiere

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Five Things Overshadowing Lindsay Lohan’s 'Liz & Dick' Premiere

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" has yet to premiere. But the actress is already receiving high praise for her nuanced performance. Considering Lohan's previous struggles, the news is definitely welcomed. Unfortunately, Lohan's littered reputation and new troubles seem to be putting a damper on any positive press her new movie might generate. We wish we could get more excited about the biopic's November 25 debut. But these inopportune occurrences appear to be soaking up press time…

Arrested in New York

Perhaps we could focus on Lohan's amazing transformation into Elizabeth Taylor if she weren't still involved in traffic incidents. In mid-September she was accused of clipping a Manhattan chef on the knee with her Porsche; she was arrested on misdemeanor charges for leaving the scene. Overall, it could have been much worse. But her poor driving history doesn't exactly make things easier.

The Christian LaBella Incident

Just when we thought that LiLo would coast into autumn with no more major troubles, she ends up in a scuffle with part-time Congressional aide, Christian LaBella. In late September 2012, Lohan saw pics of herself on LaBella's cell phone; he allegedly attacked the "Mean Girls" star when she attempted to remove them. Things quickly spun out of hand. Assault charges were issued against him, and then ultimately dropped. When all was said and done, Lindsay was left with the stigma of yet another "questionable" encounter.

She's not in a "good place."

No matter how much Lohan tries to convince the world that she's on the path to righteousness, others can't seem to let her live in peace. Claus Hjelmbak (who was in attendance during the LaBella incident) admitted that she's still "not in a good place" - not exactly the kind of news the world needs to hear, even if some of her troubles are caused by those looking to exploit her.

The Hospital Scare

She's had some health scares in the past, including the infamous "exhaustion" and other ailments. Eyebrows were certainly raised when the troubled star was rushed to the hospital with a lung infection on September 26th. Asthma and a known smoking habit were apparently at the root of her distress. But when you hear the words "Lindsay Lohan" and "hospital" in the same sentence, it's difficult not to make assumptions.

The Amanda Bynes Connection

Lindsay's had enough trouble by herself. But it seems that Amanda Bynes' recent issues have brought up some of the "Freaky Friday" star's old demons. And Bynes doesn't like the comparisons. It's claimed that she "obsessively hates" Lohan. But said associations might have been avoided if Lindsay hadn't tweeted that Amanda deserves the same treatment she had received for similar driving infractions.

With "Liz & Dick" yet to air, perhaps it might have been in her best interest to keep quiet. After all, Bynes' distress has reportedly been caused by a lack of consistent work, amongst other personal issues. Drawing attention to their obvious parallels is yet another distraction Lindsay doesn't need.

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