Five Things You Don't Know About Jack Black

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Five Things You Don't Know About Jack Black

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Five Things You Don't Know About Jack Black

Known for his rousing performance as a wannabe rock star in School of Rock and his outrageous HBO series (and band) Tenacious D, his voice is also heard in the animated blockbusters Ice Age and Kung Fu Panda. Here are five things you may not know about Jack Black, whose new dark comedy Bernie features him portraying a flamboyant Texas mortician who ends up killing a wealthy widow.  

1.Born Thomas Jacob Black on August 28, 1969 in Santa Monica, CA -- his parents were both engineers who literally worked as rocket scientists.

2. Was a member of Tim Robbins' acting troupe while studying at UCLA and it was through this collaboration that led to his 1992 film debut in the political comedy Bob Roberts.

3. Established himself in the business by appearing in a series of TV shows including Life Goes On, Northern Exposure, Mr. Show, Picket Fences, and The X-Files.

4. Filmed a TV pilot in 1999 called Heat Vision and Jack -- a parody of the David Hasselhoff series Knight Rider -- directed by Ben Stiller. The show featured a talking motorcycle voiced by Owen Wilson.

5. As a kid he used to hide wires in his clothing and let them "accidentally" fall out with the hope that people would think he was a robot.

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